Friday, February 24, 2012

Cootie Catcher Wedding Programs

There are a number of wedding details that you don't really think about at the start but slowly realize you need to have.  One of those is wedding programs.  I suppose you could not have them, but they give the guests a chance to learn who the attendants are, who the officiant is, what the songs or readings are and other fun detail.  However, these last minute details can get expensive (as we learned, all wedding paper products are!)  Once again, most of the photos are from our amazing photographer, Holly Redmond.

Cootie Cather Programs
We initially thought about more traditional programs, but during some of my many nights of wedding internet searching,  I stumbled upon these really fun cootie catcher programs - as in the same cootie catchers you would play with in elementary school.  Kat's Kraft's was just too much fun to pass up.  I estimated the price of these and realized that it would be significantly cheaper to do these than other types of programs.  When I initially contacted Kat, I gave her an outline of our program information, chose some colors and paper, and sent her the proof of our invitation for color and font styles.  In a few hours she came back with a price estimate and we were set.

Inside the Cootie
After a few days we received an emailed proof.  She made a few changes from what I had suggested, but all the suggested edits worked better than what I had instructed.  Once everything was settled, the programs were shipped flat to us to fold.  You can opt to have the cootie catchers folded for you, but this, of course, takes more time and more money, and since we didn't have too many DIY items on our list, we decided to take on the challenge.  The process was definitely time consuming - while we had instructions on how to fold them, as well as some fancy plastic folding tools, it took us quite a few hours each to fold enough of these for the wedding.  Luckily, we had plenty of time and were able to do them at a somewhat leisurely pace.

While they were not going to make a huge difference in the wedding overall, it was definitely a fun detail that people remembered.  I always feel like special touches like these make the feeling of the party seem more fun.  Kat's Krafts also does menu cards and fun trivia games using the cootie catcher theme.  I would highly recommend checking her out!


  1. Love this idea. I am going to share it with my friend who is getting married this summer. Hope you dont mind?

    1. I do not mind at all! That's why I posted it:) Have a great weekend!

  2. How cute!! I've never seen this at a wedding -- so unique!


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