Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Griddlers and "Cougar Town" Viewing Party

This past Friday night was a bit different for Nick and I because we got to hang out with some famous people!  We are big fans of the show Cougar Town and in an effort to promote the show the cast and producers have been putting on viewing parties in major cities across the country (on their dime, not the studios').  So when Nick saw a tweet about tickets for the Boston event, he emailed and we were in!  Even better, stars from the show actually showed up!  Below is a picture of us with Ian Gomez, formerly of Felicity fame.

Hanging out with Ian Gomez
However, before heading over to the viewing party (at the The Greatest Bar) we needed to grab a bite to eat - there was going to be free booze, so we needed a good base to start the evening!  I had been wanting to try the new burger place in town, Griddler's Burgers and Dogs, which was right on our way, so it seemed like the perfect time to stop in for a bite.

Griddler's is right on Cambridge Street in a small stand alone brick building that used to house the Federal.  While small on the inside, there are a few tables and a long high bar for eating.  However, these did seem to fill up quickly on Saturday at 6:30PM.  There were a few people standing waiting for take-away as well.  The menu, while available in paper form, it is also written boldly on a chalk board above the counter.

Griddler's offers a variety of burger toppings and hot dogs to keep you interested, and, depending on how hungry you are, you can get a single or double burger patties.  If you are looking for something lighter there are a number of salads you can choose from.  They also have an interesting milk shake selection, including Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes shakes made with milk infused with both cereals!

Plenty of condiments
Nick and I grabbed a table when we spied another couple getting up.  After about 8 or 10 minutes our burgers were ready.  I went with a simple single patty with Cheddar cheese and bacon ($5).  Nick went with the 3 Cheese Griddle, which was topped with a blend of Cheddar, American and Swiss cheese sauce.  Each burger is served on a potato bun, lettuce, tomato, pickles and Griddler's sauce.  Griddler's sauce is a more flavorful mayo, but was just a smattering and did not smother the burger.

Bacon Burger 
3 Cheese Griddler
The burgers were good - definitely a nice fast food burger.  They weren't as juicy and flavorful as some other similar styled burger joints.  However, this location fills a need in the Cambridge Street area where sit down dining and pizza dominate.

Instead of traditional french fries, Griddler's has waffle fries and onion rings, and even better they had an option where you could order half of each!  The onion rings had a tasty batter and were a crispy golden brown.

Onion Rings
The waffle fries were seasoned perfectly.  I guess they have a sweet potato waffle fries at well that I am sure are worth trying!

Seasoned Waffle Fries
I would be curious to try the hot dogs here and see how they stack up.  The sides were definitely worth the trip.  Griddler's is still new and I am hoping they amp up the burger a bit because all the parts are there.

Griddler's Burgers and Dogs on Urbanspoon

Once we were stuffed, we walked down to the Greatest Bar to start rubbing elbows with some famous people.  At about 7:00pm the bar was opened up to us "Cougar Town" fans, and we started to class it up with cans of Narragansett and PBR even though wine and house booze was available.  After Ian Gomez and Brian Van Holt did some mingling with the crowd, they and one of the writers, who is originally from Dorchester, thanked us all for coming and introduced the premier and 5th episodes of the upcoming season.

I must say, sitting back at the bar with some free drinks and watching TV seemed like the perfect evening.  If you are not a "Cougar Town" watcher, I would highly recommend tuning in.  The title of the show really does not reflect what the show is about.  Really, the show is about a very funny group of people who love to drink red wine in some very big glasses, and is laugh-out-loud funny.  Bill Lawrence, husband to Christa Miller and creator the ever popular "Scrubs" is the brain behind "Cougar Town."  With Courteney Cox and the hysterical Busy Philipps its so easy to see why the show is so funny!

Both the actors in attendance were more than willing to chat with the fans, take photos and play some Penny Can!  With them footing the bill (not the studio) and the way they talk about the show you really see how much they love what they do.

With Brian Van Holt
As a fan of "Cougar Town," I hope you tune in on February 14, at 8:30!  If you can't watch live, I highly recommend DVR'ing the show - I promise that the first one back is funny.  If you are a Scrubs fan, you should stick around for the 5th because there are some spectacular cameos!


  1. thats awesome you got to attend this event and meet some celebs. to bad coutreney cox or busy weren't there!!

  2. I miss Felicity! It sounds like a really fun event. And a small, fast food burger joint is always good to have around.

    We finally left my sister's track meet around 10 Friday night and then grabbed takeout at Tasty Burger after. So looks like we both did the greasy cheesy burger thing Friday night. :)

  3. what a fun event!! i had been watching cougar town awhile back, so i'll have to remember to tune in tomorrow ;)

  4. Such a neat event!! I haven't tuned into Cougar Town but it might have to be added to the DVR!

  5. I am so jealous. What a fun night. I am a big fan of cougar town. The name of the show really does not do it justice! Looking forward to the new season this week.

  6. I love Cougar Town! I still haven't seen the season premiere episode (it is on my DVR) but it is SO cool that you went to this party!


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