Monday, July 29, 2013

Homemade Ricotta - Deliciously Easy

For some reason, not having anything to do with the amazing ricotta from Cinquecento, Nick really wanted to whip up some homemade ricotta. Its one of those things you have seen done a bunch on TV and seems like no big deal, but actually deciding to do it requires a little more inspiration. Finally, when faced with bringing an appetizer to a family get-together, Nick decided this was the time to give it a go. Using his favorite Ina Garten's recipe as a guide, he set to work. Not to give away the ending, but if you don't try making your own ricotta ASAP, you are missing out!


Thursday, July 25, 2013


When the Aquitaine Group said they were opening a new restaurant in the South End I was excited, having had good experiences at their other establishments, like Union Bar and Grille.  When I found out that Cinquecento was going to be an Italian restaurant, I was curious to see what it was all about. After giving them some time to sort out the kinks, Nick and I headed over to check out the new space. With an impressive brick entryway that leads to the front door, I walked up the stairs where I was greeted by the hostess. I beat Nick there, so I decided to grab our table and look over the menu. When Nick arrived, we decided on a couple of cocktails.

Gregorio - Lanazul Tequila, Blood Orange and Kaffir Lime
Rhubarbella - Rhubarb, Vodka, Fresh Lime and house made Verbeena Cordial

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Divergent Trilogy- new guilty pleasure

With books, I am not afraid to indulge in a little YA guilty pleasure reading.  After loving Hunger Games, I was looking forward to finding something as much fun as that series.  When Entertainment Weekly started covering a new series and talking about a movie, I debated on whether or not I wanted to go down that rabbit hole.  When I saw the kindle price was around $5, I saw no reason not read at least the first one and see how it went.

Source -
36 hours later I completed the first book and was downloading the second book.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Portland Maine Brewery Day!

When we were heading to Portland, we knew we wanted to check out some of the local brews!  After our tasty treats from Standard Baking Company it was time to hit up some breweries.  Our first stop was Shipyard Brewing Company, the biggest of the breweries we were visiting.

Nick ready to taste!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dining in Portland Maine - Where to Begin?

When you head to Portland, I think there are two main things you go for: to eat and to drink.  In our short weekend away, we did plenty of both!  After waking up on Saturday morning we were in search of some breakfast from a non-chain establishment.  A quick check-in with the friendly hotel staff put us on the road for The Standard Baking Co.

I have to admit I didn't realize we did not get any food shots here (we were too busy devouring what we ordered)!  However, you must believe it's delicious.  When you walk in you are just surrounded by pastries and breads of all sorts.  If you can see past those (though tough to take your eyes away) you see all the people working furiously to keep the piles of delicious treats high.  There were enough locals grabbing some breakfast that I knew the taste would match the presentation.  On Sunday morning we actually went back to Standard because I really wanted a copy of their cookbook and treats for the ride home.  Now armed with their recipes, I will have to report back soon.  However, in Portland, this is a great breakfast spot with some outdoor seating just across the street from some water views.

Standard Baking Co on Urbanspoon

For a late lunch Nick and I went to Duckfat.  This was a place we had heard about every time we mentioned heading to Portland, and after reading a bunch of reviews, there was no way we could not go!  We knew there would be a wait so we headed over around 2:30 and were sat by 3.  Do not be scared off by the wait - make this place a priority!  We could not make up our minds when looking over the menu so just decided to go for a few things...

Brussel Sprout Salad

Monday, July 15, 2013

Scenes from Portland - How to Get There and Where to Stay

Back in March, the same weekend as that random Friday snow storm (yes that long ago!), Nick and I decided to get out of the city for a weekend.  Since we don't have a car, we can't generally just pick up and go.  However, after walking by the signs for the Amtrak Downeaster in the T station day after day, we decided to look into the train to Portland.  Turns out its pretty simple and way cheaper than renting a car!


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