Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake! Wedding Cake that is ;)

When you book a wedding at Willowdale, a cake from Konditor Meister comes included.  Most people would be psyched by this, and their cakes look beautiful, but Nick and I are (sadly) not huge fans of their cake.  Having grown up on the North Shore, I am a BIG fan of Cakes for Occasions, a local cake shop in Danvers center.  Nick had never tasted Cakes for Occasions, but I promised him it was delicious and that their butter cream was one of the best!  So, when the tasting day came, I was almost nervous that I over-sold the cake, but after selecting about 10 pieces for us to try I knew I should not have been worried.  Each piece was just as delicious as I remembered.

Wedding Cake!
One of the things I would suggest registering for is a cake serving set - that is unless you already have one.  I got one at my bridal shower and was sure to bring it to use at the wedding.  It seemed fitting to use it for the first time at our own wedding.

Nick knew not to frost my face!
Did not mean I could not threaten!
For a cake topper, most of my friends topped their cakes with flowers or letters representing their initials.  However, when I was looking at one (or one thousand) websites for wedding ideas I stumbled upon one that had a bunch of vintage cake toppers for decor throughout their wedding venue.  That site got me searching for cake toppers that were not the over-the-top 80's style that come to mind (my mind at least) when you hear the words "cake topper."  After a bit of searching we found this cute vintage 50's ceramic topper and decided it was perfect!

I know us northerners do not do Groom's Cakes very often, but I thought it would be fun to do one.  However, having made the decision, I was not really sure what to do for the cake.  I wanted it to be creative and be "Nick," but that is easier said than done.  Luckily, Cakes for Occasions has tons of specialty cakes on their website that provided some great ideas.  When I happened across this Red Sox hat I thought it would be a perfect fit.

Groom's Cake
These cakes were our only dessert - thank goodness they were delicious!  They provided a great edible decor throughout the evening and were delicious when the time came to cut them open.  Luckily for Nick and I, our coordinator at Willowdale saved us some pieces at the end of the night so we could enjoy it again.

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  1. beautiful cakes. i love the vintage topper.

  2. Being the cake-obsessive that I am, I'm glad you went with a bakery you like. And I agree, not a fan of Konditor.

  3. You look gorgeous! And those cakes are fabulous. I love that you had a groom's cake made - what a great idea!!

  4. Your cake looks beautiful! We are still trying to schedule our tasting, but seeing your pictures makes me so excited because that's basically what I want my cake to look like, but with flowers. Glad you give Cakes for Occasions your approval!

    Oh and you look adorable in that first picture!


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