Thursday, June 30, 2011

Towne Burger Test!

When I saw the Towne burger on a number of top Boston Burger lists, I figured this was a must try.  However, the timing of the serving of this burger seemed to really get in the way.  Only after a few months of being opened the burger was limited to being served only on the weekdays at lunchtime, not really conducive to my schedule!  So after a few missed chances (brunch and dinner) to put the burger to the test I was wondering if I would ever taste it!?!  However, as luck would have it, Nick and I took at jet lag day after we returned to Greece - naturally Towne's burger was our one plan for the day!

Burger Plate
At just about noontime, we headed into Towne with one goal - test the burger.  Not going to lie, after so many failed attempts I did ask the hostess to just make sure, but we were in luck, so the burger test was on!  When the plate of burger goodness arrived, I must admit, I was immediately impressed by the full half of avocado on the plate more than the burger.  While I did throw a few slices onto the burger, I ate that first and it was so fresh and amazing.  The fires are are thin and good, but nothing to really set them apart. 

The burger itself was tasty.  My burger was a tad over done, more medium than medium rare.  It was juicy and tender but it could have used a bit more seasoning.  The cheese on the burger was fully melted, which always makes the burger seem finished rather than being thrown onto the plate.  The bacon was crisp and a nice cap to the burger.  One thing that I did not like, but its my own personal thing, was the sweet pepper relish spread on the bread.  To me, the relish was too sweet for the burger.  I actually had to take come off so that it was not too overpowering.  Nick however liked the relish.  The to roll was nicely toasted and complimented the rest of the burger well.

Burger close-up!
Overall the burger was tasty, but really there was nothing special about the whole thing combined.  Maybe if I enjoyed the relish that would have left more of an impression.  I think I really like stronger cheese and a well seasoned burger meat.  Having had other items on the menu that are really tailored to Jasper White and Lydia Shire's strength and could be more worth ordering.

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  1. I keep hearing about a short rib burger there and I really want to try it as well, but we ended up there during brunch as well. I love that your burger came with all that avocado.

  2. Still haven't been to Towne for ANY meal. what a shame! thanks for the honest review of the burger.


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