Friday, June 3, 2011

Max and Dylans - and Bridesmaids!

Last week I headed out to meet my friend K at Max & Dylans in the former West Street Grill space before heading over to the movie theater to see "Bridesmaids."  Since it was a beautiful day out we immediately grabbed the table right by the big open windows at the front of the restaurant and settled down for some food and drink.

Open window and a beer - what more do you need!
My friend K ordered the grilled portabella sandwich with some fries. 

Portabella Sandwich
The sandwich was topped off with goat cheese, tomato jam and loads of greens.  Overall, this sandwich was simple but tasty - the bread was really hearty, but a bit filling.  The fries were fairly basic, nothing to write home about, but still good.

I went with the beef tenderloin flatbread pizza.  I was sold when I saw the truffle oil and the fried leaks, but was a bit suspect when the menu said "mashed potatoes."  All of these were not something you traditionally see on top of pizza.

Beef Tenderloin Flatbread
I asked our server who said the pizza was delicious and the potatoes were not at all overpowering, it was just a thin layer, lighter than tomato sauce, over top of the bread.  She did not steer me wrong: the pizza was fun and yummy, with a different combination of flavors. 

This was my third or fourth trip to Max & Dylans and each time the food has been good.  For me, the location is great and the atmosphere is perfect for catching up with friends or just grabbing a few drinks.

Afterwards K and I headed over to the movies and to see Bridesmaids - very fitting that I saw it with one of mine!  This movie was hysterical, with loads of good girl humor that boys will definitely enjoy as well.  I would highly recommend seeing this.  I laughed out loud way too much and it made me want to dig out my Wilson Philips CD!

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  1. I am still dying to see that movie! I have found Max & Dylan's a little hit or miss, but the location and drinks definitely can't be beat!

  2. I've only been to the City Square location, but I'm a fan! and I still need to see Bridesmaids!!!

  3. I saw Bridesmaids last night too - hilarious!! I've never been to Max aand Dylans, I want to try that beef tenderloin flatbread! I've had pizza with mashed potatoes and it really is surprisingle good. My favorites are the ones from Mistral and Otto!

  4. I love mashed potatoes on pizza! Grew up near Bar in New Haven, CT, and they are well known for it.

    I am dying to see Bridesmaids! Trying to round up some of mine to go with me.


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