Thursday, June 23, 2011

75 Chestnut - a real neighborhood restaurant bar

On Saturday night (pre-Greece) Nick somehow managed to get a table for 4 at 75 Chestnut at 8:30pm - sometimes things actually do come together!  So off we went to meet up with our friends A & A for some dinner and drinks. 

75 Chestnut is one of my go-to spots in Beacon Hill.  It is off the beaten path enough that you don't get too many tourists.  It really is a great spot for a full-on meal or just a few drinks, whatever is suiting your mood at the time.  With plenty of delicious menu items and infused liquors there are more than enough things to satisfy just about anyone.  That said, the place is generally packed and reservations are recommended.  The bar, although small, is full service and the hostess is extremely good about watching the pecking order for tables - make sure you reach out to her first  since she is the key to tables!  While you wait, be sure to check out the cheese and cracker tower at the front of the restaurant.  These are actually free snacks that are perfect for tiding you over until you can snatch a table.  On this Saturday night, I was in the mood for a plain old beer, and decided to "dress it up" by going for the Sam Seasonal rather than just the lager. 

Sam Seasonal
When we started looking at the menu I wanted to try something new, however, A & A went for some of my old stand byes like the Boston Bibb Salad, which is a salad of bibb lettuce with goat cheese, dried cranberries, apples and roasted pecans with a lemon vinaigrette - whats not to love?
Boston Bibb
While the Tomato and Basil Bruchetta is actually an appetizer, when it is combined with the salad it is just enough for a main course.  There is a healthy portion of Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, ricotta cheese, kalamata olives, grilled focaccia bread and aged balsamic reduction.  This dish actually makes me wish I liked tomatoes!

Nick went off his normal burger track and got the Meyer Lemon Chicken Breast, which is is a pan roasted chicken with sweet Meyer lemon and capers, arugula lettuce and fingerling potatoes.  The chicken was moist with a nice hint of lemon - always better when you can actually taste it!

Roasted Chicken
When the plate came out it did look a bit sad, but turns out it was because they forgot the potatoes.  Once we told the server, they were brought out quickly on a little side plate and all was good again.

Roasted Potatoes
Finally A and I got the B.B.Q. Sirloin Steak Sandwich made with char-grilled sirloin steak, straw onions, melted cheddar, zesty B.B.Q. sauce, lettuce, tomato, French bread and fries.

Steak Sandwich
The steak sandwich was good - all the ingredients are there, but the steak was one whole piece that proved a bit difficult to eat.  I wished that they had cut up the beef into some sort of tip shape or something along those lines, it would have been a whole lot easier to eat.  Had it been easier to eat, the sandwich would have come together a lot better - so close!

For dessert, we split the 75 Chestnut Sinful Chocolate Trilogy, which is a sampling of miniature desserts featuring warm chocolate bread pudding, Swiss chocolate and almond soup and a bitter sweet chocolate crème brûlée.

The dessert was a chocolate lovers dream!  The bread pudding was so moist and chocolatey and came together so well.  The soup was yummy - a bit odd to eat, but the flavors were still there.  My favorite was the crème brûlée (of course).  The crusty top was perfect and the rich chocolate flavors made my mouth water.

75 Chestnut is such a great neighborhood haunt, and I'm so happy to have it right there for these types of nights.  The restaurant is also totally worth the trip to Beacon Hill for those who don't have it right there.  Also, the brunch is worth checking out as it is complete with a bloody Mary bar for those who like theirs a particular way.

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  1. I have never been here but it does sound like a great neighborhood joint!

  2. Sounds like a good place to have in the 'hood. I've eaten steak sandwiches like that before and they're a pain. Why do they do that?! Just cut it up, even a little bit.

  3. I've been here before and it is so delicious! Best part - they gave us free cookies for dessert!

  4. that chocolate triology looks so good! i love cozy little hole in the wall places in Beacon Hill.


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