Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Paramount - Beacon Hill's neighborhood go to AND "The Hangover Part II"

On Friday night after a quick trip to Somerville to see a man about some wedding flowers, my mom and I were starving and looking to grab something easy and quick.  On Friday nights in Beacon Hill, however, it can be rather tricky to find a table before 9pm.  Lucky for us, when I called The Paramount there was only a short wait and close enough for Nick to join us!

As this restaurant is a block away from my apartment I've stopped in many times - lots of times I will do take out.  Most people are familiar with the delicious Paramount breakfast, as evidenced by the long lines that form on weekends.  I have directed more than a few lost tourists to the red awnings - as far as I can tell it is in every guide book!  Even still, it has not lost that neighborhood feel.

The menu has a nice selection of wine and beers as well as a delicious bread and dipping sauce to tide you over while you wait.  This time is was a light foccocia bread with an edamame hummus - so fresh tasting!

Wet your whistle

For meals, my mom went with the "low and slow" pulled pork sandwich with Cheddar cheese and a chipotle BBQ sauce.
Pulled Pork!
The pork was nice and moist and the BBQ sauce had just enough tang and a bit of a kick to make each bite more fun and interesting.  Nick had the BBQ Chicken chopped salad, which had black beans, sweet corn, tortilla strips, sliced avocado, jack cheese, diced tomatoes and a creamy ranch dressing.

Chopped Salad
Obviously they were both about a little southern food of some sort! The salad was filled with plenty of goodies and the BBQ sauce on the chicken was great.  I, of course, went with the Paramount Burger.

The Burger
The burger was pretty good and cooked to medium rare perfection (that goes a long way with me).  However, the cheese could have been a bit more melted.  The roll was a soft and fluffy brioche that is almost too much for the burger on the inside.  This is a good burger when you are in the mood and want one quickly.

However, my favorite part of the Paramount burger is the side of onion rings and the sweet potato fries.  I really think I need to just order some sides the next time I go in.  The sweet potato fries are just thick enough to taste the potato but cooked and greasy enough to indulge the french fry fairies.  Normally, I like the thicker battered onion rings, but with these, the breading perfectly coats the onions and isn't too greasy at all.  The sides really make this meal for me.

The Paramount is a perfect spot for a trip in to grab a quick bite at any time of day!

After eating Nick and I met up with our friends A & A to go see "The Hangover Part II."  Definitely funny - grosser antics than the first and rather formulaic as it follows the first plot line almost perfectly, but still good for some summer fun.  

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