Friday, June 10, 2011

Off to Greece!!!!

For the next 10 days I will be enjoying all the sites, food and amazingness that Greece has to offer!  Needless to say, I probably will not have much of an opportunity to blog while I am traveling, but I am hoping to at least update everyone with some photos here or on my twitter page!

We are actually flying directly to Crete to spend some time Chania and Heraklion.  Since Crete is closer to Turkey, there are a lot of Turkish influences throughout the island, so it should be impressive!  Other than enjoying the beaches, Chania itself has a lot of national parks that are filled with all sorts or flora and fauna to enjoy.  

Chania (from Wikipedia)

One stop we may make it at the Palace of Knossos, which in Minoan times was the largest centre of population in Crete.

Santorini (from Wikipedia)
We will be staying right on the Caldera and are planning on enjoying the amazing sunset every night!  Santorini offers beaches of all types of sand: white, black and even red.  While we probably won't be riding and donkeys, we will be getting an up close and personal view of the volcanic crater :).

Finally, we will be making our last stop in Athens!  While I have been to Athens before, it was back in 2002 when they were still preparing for the Olympics, so I am excited to see how the city has changed since then.  

Athens (from Wikipedia)
We will be taking a tour to help see as many sites as possible in not too much time.  The city is just so amazingly old and to see the Acropolis in person, you finally realize what an impressive feat it was to build at the time. 

Obviously we will also be gorging on Greek food our entire trip.  I am really looking forward to the feta, the lamb, the octopus and some baklava!  It won't get much better than that.  So, if you are in any of these locations and see four Americans wondering around looking like they are having the best time ever, that will be my group!!!


  1. Have an amazing time! We were deciding between Greece and Italy for our honeymoon but ultimately picked Italy... it's not til next year though!

    My decision was very difficult: tomatoes and feta versus pasta, parmesan, and procuitto. Tough, tough decision!

  2. can't wait to read all about the travels. :)
    I rode one donkey over there, it's actually pretty fun!!

  3. Enjoy your vacation!! Looking forward to reading about the trip!


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