Sunday, November 28, 2010

Brunch at Towne

Having done enough cooking and eating of Thanksgiving foods over the past couple days, this morning we decided to head out to brunch.  My brother was in town for the holiday weekend, so we were forced to come up with something a bit creative.  Originally we were thinking the Friendly Toast, but our group really could not get our acts together fast enough and I did not want to wait in line for hours.  With the Friendly Toast you never know how long the wait could be.

We decided to go to Towne Stove and Spirits...yes it is on the Burger List, but the burger was not on the brunch menu and there was already plenty to choose from without adding to the list.  Towne is the new restaurant by Jasper White and Lydia Shire, two of Bostons main names in the industry.  The impressive menu reflects each of their indiviudal styles while all fitting together.  I am still not really sure why the two of them got together to do a restaurant, but I am happy they did. 
My only other time going to Towne was just for drinks.  Even then I stayed in the front bar and not until I had to go to the bathroom did I realize that the restaurant was huge with two other bars!  Today we sat on the second floor, which is really bright and welcoming.  The table settings were fun, rather than traditional water glasses, they had beakers...and being the science geek that I am, I thought they were cool.  Also, the salt and pepper grinders had a valve like top, which again is just a bit different to set them apart from other restaurants.

Towne table setting with beaker water glasses
While we were waiting for our food they brought out some home made glazed donut holes that were really light and delicious as well as a lemon poppy bread that was tasty, but the crust was a bit dry, almost over done.  For the main course, my brother and I went with more of the traditional breakfast items...Reed got a fried poached egg over a minute skirt steak that looked delicious.  Not quite sure how you would deep fry a poached egg considering I have enough trouble getting them to come out of the pot still in one piece...but they did and it had a good fried crust.

Poached egg and skirt steak
The side for the dish was a creamed spinach with curried croutons.  I got the chicken and waffles, with grits and bacon and Tabasco for flavor, basically it was a little bit of everything. 

Chicken and waffles
When my meal came out I was excited to see a cute little bottle of Tabasco tucked in the waffle!  So fun!  The fried chicken was plenty moist with a really good crispy crust.  The one thing I wish I had a side of syrup.  There was only a bit on each of the waffles and it had a really nice flavor so I wanted to pour some more on there.  I should have asked, oh well!

Nick went with the curry chicken salad, which looked pretty good.  Although, any sort of chicken salad is something I would definitely NOT order as I don't do mayonnaise...but, the presentation was impressive and he said it was tasty:)

Curry Chicken Salad
Overall, is was a delicious meal and I am still looking forward to trying their burger!  The presentation of everything from the table setting itself to the food had some real thought put into it, which separated it from other restaurants and make me remember that it was special.

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