Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ode to the Burger

When I comment on most restaurants, the first thing I discuss is whether they have good cheeseburgers the point where it have become a bit of a joke.  For me, burgers are on the top of my list of deserted island foods.  With burgers becoming more of an art form and the higher class restaurants vying for the best burger, it has become a fun comparison and reason enough to go out especially for a burger.  Although, in my book you really never need a reason....

My first best burger was at the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel.

They were this mythical thing that I had been hearing about but never was bold enough to walk in, sit and order the 20 dollar burger, but finally for my birthday a friend took me and it was AMAZING!  It really was a whole new burger experience....I know I am a bit crazy...

People have tried to tempt me with others, Sel de la Terre for instance, Nick thinks they have the best burger, but really it just did not seem to top the Bristol Burger.

Recently though, the Bristol Burger has been moved to second place by the burger at Mooo.....on a random rainy Sunday Nick and I went and it was amazing.  Can't hurt that I love all things Mooo.... in general (it took all the old gentleman's club steak houses and flipped it on it's head with contemporary and sleek finishes), but I was really surprised how much I loved their burger.  I could not believe that I actually found one I like more than the Bristol!

So now, based on the lists in Boston Magazine and on ( I have a high priced burger list...

Back Bay Social Club

Craigie on Main - (only available in the bar, not the main dining room)

KO Prime



I want to compare them all and decide which is the best burger...but really, after having the burger at Mooo....they have their work cut out for them, because that one was amazing....

To end though, if you are in the mood for a cheap burger, five guys is totally the way to go...and they are finally getting closer to Boston!!!

Now that I am sufficiently hungry and it is only 10:30AM...good luck to me!

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