Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Cards - Charitable and Fun

The past couple of years I have been terrible about sending holiday cards.  In law school I had a good streak going.  I was able to find some cute cards that were worth sending out in mass quantities, but then when I moved (yes, four years ago now), I just could not get my act together and it stuck.

However, this year I got an email from Dana-Farber regarding their Holiday Cards that sponsor the Jimmy Fund.  Since I have donated money to friends running the marathon for Dana-Farber and I work here, I got this email about 10 times, in every email account I have.  I must say though, the mass number of emails finally got me to click in and take a peak at the cards.

There were heaps of fun greeting cards...photographs and drawings of notable Boston locations as well as other winter holiday basics like Christmas trees and Menorahs.  If those were not enough, they also made some of the drawings done by children receiving their cancer treatments into cards as well!  Those can be saved for those you would like to make cry. 

With all the various options, I decided to go with a duckling theme.
Christmas Duck Holiday Card
That choice is probably because I have a slight obsession with the ducklings.  They are such a great feature of Boston and the Public Gardens in particular.  Anybody I know who is having a baby gets Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey for their baby shower.  Also, if a friend comes to town and somehow made it through their childhood without reading that story, they will find themselves with a copy soon after leaving!

The city of Boston or the Friends of the Public Garden (not sure who is responsible) does a great job of dressing up the ducklings for the various holidays throughout the year.  In the winter, they have little red bows tied around their necks that actually hold up pretty well against the elements, whether its the snow and ice or the children crawling over them.
Fancy Dress Holiday Card
Regardless, cute holiday cards that actually help a charity (good holiday karma doesn't hurt), where the charitable donation noted on the card (so the receiver knows you did some good!) seemed too perfect to pass up.

This is my year to get back on the holiday card wagon...now I just have to dig up street addresses, which could be more difficult than it sounds.

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