Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cocktails and David Yurman

The Junior League of Boston (yes I am an active member) held a cocktail party last night at the David Yurman store in Copley Place.

The relatively small store was completely full.  They had plenty white wine and champagne for all (no red, they are not THAT crazy!) as well as the BEST passed hors d'œuvre.  There was a mini truffle burger with a mushroom puree, a pistachio shortbread with a carrot puree, cucumber topped with a bit of fresh fig, bit size grilled cheese with a layer of crab meat.  The serving plates were black trays with an unobtrusive deep purple cala lily.  Everything was a tasty bite size, so no trying to act proper while shoving an over sized bite into your mouth!  Needless to say, between the food and drink, I kept my eye out for all trays that passed me.

The David Yurman store is fairly small, but was jammed packed last night with eager Junior League shoppers and their guests.  I tried to get a picture of it all, but the bright lights that you wish would follow you permanently and make your jewelry sparkle made it difficult to take photos, but here are two...

Kate Moss watching over us all
The store also had about 10 sales associates on hand to indulge our every whim.  There were many sparkly pieces for us to admire and try on.  Numerous times they pointed out if we wanted to see something in a different color etc, to please ask because the drawers were filled with alternatives.  Once I did see a drawer being pulled out and it was like a dream come true, like going through the best jewelry box!  The staff was really friendly, pulling just about anything out for us to try on, no matter if we planned to buy or not.  Although, for me, once it is on my body, its hard to say no...especially with shiny sparkly fun!

Ten percent of the proceeds from last nights event did go the Junior League of Boston and I did find some really beautiful pieces for me as well as friends and family, but somehow I managed to control myself and walked away empty handed.  We will see that sticks or if I am drawn back into their store!


  1. that sounds like a really fun and exclusive event! i live outside of Boston and try to make it into the city as much as possible for fun events! love your blog, i noticed you are new to it :) if you need any advice or tips, or want to know of any other boston blogs, i'm here to help! there's quite a big community of us in the city!

  2. oh, and here's my lifestyle blog ~

  3. I cannot believe you actually found my blog and commented! I am definitely new to this whole thing and not quite sure why I started in the first place, but it is kind of fun! I will certainly be following yours now!


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