Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Florida Sunshine

This past weekend Nick and I were in the Palm Beach area to visit his mom and enjoy a little sunshine.  The weather was supposed to be high seventies so I packed some nice sundresses, but I definitely got an F minus in packing.  The weather started out nicely then just got progressively colder, even by Florida standards....I had to get a sweatshirt, that I ended up buying and wearing it all the time.  At night it literally got down to forty degrees.  However, on Friday, we managed to get some enjoyable time along the beach.  We drove through West Palm Beach and up along the coast and looked for our prospective future houses...

Future House (looked nice enough)
It seems as though an original architect of a Florida house thought an Italian villa style house would be fun and interesting, then everyone decided this was the best idea almost every house along the coast is the over sized Mediterranean style mansion!  It cracked me up...sometimes though there would be some overly modern mansion thrown in the mix.

Estee Lauder's house with The Breaker's in the background
After our drive up the coast we parked across from Worth Avenue and went for a walk along the beach.

For a Boston girl, in December feet in warm ocean water, big deal!

We started out walking up the beach and it was great, nice walk in the sun and the sand, then we finally go back...turns out we were walking with a nice tail wind.  When we finally decided to turn around, we had to walk directly into a head wind, which made the trip back a little more tricky, but still really beautiful.
Artistic photo with an Egret
I generally take photos all while standing, just point and shoot.  However, while watching photographers, amateur or professional, taking photos they always seem to be I gave it ago with the photo above.  Honestly, I must admit, it does look a bit more artistic if I do say so myself!

After the beach we walked up Worth Avenue, which is where all the rich and famous shop in Palm Beach.  The shops were kind of amazing.  They really had all the best things in the stores, they went straight for the glitzy sparkly items that we do not generally see in Boston.  Other than Tory Burch and Neiman Marcus we mainly window shopped, to walk into the stores would be too tempting.  For me, when I spend too much time in a place where everything is pricey, I get used to it and think it is normal and lose (maybe ignore) that little voice in my head that says TOO MUCH!  I managed to make it out with only buying gifts for others, I was very impressed with myself.

At one point during the weekend we went down to Delray Beach, where I used to go with my Grandmother, turns out it is home to the 100 foot Christmas tree!  All fake of course, but still fun to see.

The tree and me
As you can see, I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, the one I actually bought down there...Despite the weather, we had a really nice weekend, saw a boat parade with fireworks, did a lot of Christmas shopping and just relaxed.  All in all, had a lovely weekend in Florida.

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