Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BRUNCH - Met Back Bay

So I have a new favorite restaurant...Met Back Bay...yes I loved dinner there, but I am not just basing this bold statement on that, on Sunday, I went with my mom and Nick for brunch and once again, everything was fantastic!

My mom got the Back Bay Micro Chopped salad that looked (and she confirmed it was) delicious...the salad also had a bunch of choices for proteins, and my mom went with the king crab, and once again, they did not disappoint with the amount, there was a generous portion.  I got the Pork Stuffed Hash Brown fried egg/Vermont sharp cheddar/ jalapeƱo hollandaise, which was AMAZING...highly recommend it to anyone.  Such a great taste to it.  Nick got a cheese burger, that he said was great, but the ONLY complaint was the fries were not as good as he expected.  They are fried in duck fat, so he was expecting a lot more taste that just was not there.

Regardless it was a great meal, and really Met Back Bay has now become my go to place for eating out...such great food and a good price point. Hard to come by sometimes in Boston, especially in Back Bay.

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