Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Blizzard 2010!

Unlike most, I was super excited for the Nor'easter to come and dump lots of snow in Town.  I had already planned a personal day on Monday and was looking forward to being able to hang out and watch the snow fall on Beacon Hill.  My family had all gotten to where they needed to go my Sunday evening so I thought "Bring It On!"

The results were a fun Monday of playing with my new camera and Flip video!  I only braved the winter weather three times - the wind was killer!  In the morning, Holly and I got all dressed up to walk Nick to the T.  I had on my winter snow boots, hat, mittens, scarf AND hooded down jacket.  Holly had on her pink jacket that match her pink sneakers from Little Lily.  The sneakers not only look pretty amazing, but protect her feet from the rock salt covering all the streets and sidewalks.  It was amazing how quiet Charles Street was.  We walked the entire way in the middle of the street - I think only three cars passed us.  There were only a few people out and about, and they were either taking their four-legged friends out (like me), clearing the sidewalks, or attempting to shovel out their cars.
View down Chestnut St.

Holly's and my boots drying

The second time I ventured out was a solo mission through the Public Garden to the gym and then to Savenor's to get supplies for dinner.  Again, most of the city was a ghost town.  Although there was tons of snow everywhere, there was none on the Commonwealth Ave mall right by Arlington St!  It had all blown away and the grass was showing - That is how bad the wind was right there!  Here are some scenes from that mid-day adventure:
Snow covered decorations on Charles St.
Public Gardens entrance
Blizzard views in Public Gardens
Ducklings swimming in the snow!
Snow covered George Washington
Welcoming holiday wreath at the entrance to the Public Gardens
My third and final adventure yesterday involved taking Holly to the Boston Common for a little romp on the parade grounds.  This time I only put on her jacket as I was afraid we might lose a shoe in the snow.  Since the rock salt would still be a problem, if not worse, I slathered Musher's Secret on her paws.  This stuff really is amazing!  Much easier than dealing with booties, and is extremely effective at protecting dog's paws.  Another great thing is it does not track all over the house like olive oil or Vaseline does.  In Boston, I have seen Musher's Secret at Four Preppy Paws on Charles Street and at Polka Dog in the South End.  If you see it, I highly recommend buying it because it really works and it sells out quickly!

Here are some pictures of Holly frolicking in the snow...
She finally stopped long enough to get a nice head on shot!
Right after a face plant or some sniffing around in the snow.  I am not sure which it was!
Almost smiling
The frolicking continues
If it were not already evident by the pictures, Holly really had some fun.  The snow was deep enough that she has to jump up an over to get around.  After only a few runs around the parade ground she was pretty tuckered out!  I was happy because the wind was picking up and there were little snow tornadoes all around us.  So we headed back inside and I warmed up and she had a snooze.

All in all, the adventures outside in the snow were lots of fun and I got to put my new camera to good use and pretend to be a professional photographer!  The camera definitely helped my photos a lot, as the conditions were less than ideal.  Also, it was really easy to use.  I am excited to put it to more good use.  For the Flip Video, I need a little practice holding it steady before I post any here!

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