Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snow in Town

Unlike a lot of people, I am a big fan of winter.  Growing up in New England you have to either embrace the cold and snow or go south.  Needless to say I have more than embraced it. I actually enjoy going out in the snow, the look of the city completely changes, its so peaceful.  Granted, being able to walk everywhere, not having to shovel and owning the proper clothing makes New England winters a lot easier on me. 

I have a pretty nice walk to work as I get to walk through the Public Gardens each way.  This morning I headed to the gym before work so it was pretty early and since most people took today off, it was so quite, hardly any people milling about.  The best part, however, was it was still are a few shots during my walk that make me actually happy to get up and go each morning!  The blue color may be because it was not really light out and these were with my cell phone...

Snow Covered Ducklings.  You can still see their red ribbons!
George Washington with the Christmas light and City Scape in the background.
Snow covered fountain.
Even with only a little greenery, the Garden looks beautiful!

I always hope for a white Christmas, there is just something that makes the holidays that much better with a fresh blanket of white snow covering everything.  Lucky enough, this week the weather played along and we have had some fresh snow, just in time!  But, I will say - a real snow storm could be fun.

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