Tuesday, November 23, 2010

200 Butter Cookies!

So maybe I underestimated what really going for it meant.  My mom was a bit more involved in the cookie process than I remember.  I guess I was not the dedicated helper that I remember.  This was a three day process...Saturday was making the cookie dough, Monday was rolling the dough out and cutting it into 200 fall appropriate shapes and Tuesday was frosting and decorating with sprinkles of a fall variety.

I thought I had a turkey cutter from last year, but that disappeared back to my mom's house.  Of course that was not realized until every turkey cookie cutter was sold out in the city.  Magically, Nick came back with some other fall themed ones, like a pumpkin, acorn and a squirrel.  The squirrel, however, turned out to be very difficult, his little hands and feet were so small and narrow, it made it difficult to cut out in one piece.  Eventually we were able borrowed a turkey, so our Thanksgiving/fall theme was complete.  

The Cookie Cutters

The doubled recipe goes a long way...at one point, my entire counter top was filled with the cooling cookies.

There is still flour in every nook and crany of the kitchen...and I have wiped down the whole place at least three times.  But it was all towards a good butter cookie cause....

Doesn't seem like that many, but trust me

Close up...
I don't think the frosting is as good as my moms, but when I called her for the recipe she really had NO idea, she does it all by taste and consistency...so really other than the ingredients, I was justing winging it.  Taking that into consideration, I am happy it turned out as well as it did because it could have ended VERY badly.

After three full days of butter cookie action I can only hope that my mom takes over the duties for Christmas this year, because I need a bit of a break.  Thus begins the butter cookie diet...

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