Monday, November 8, 2010

The Esplanade

I only recently realized how lucky I am to live right by the Esplanade in Boston...I quick walk and I am standing right along the Charles.  This weekend I went for a run, pretending I was just like all those other crazy people I have been seeing over the years.  I dread going for runs, for me they are one of they worst 30 to 40 minutes periods, but the feeling afterwards really does make it all worth it.

The Esplanade however, makes the process so much easier, the views are amazing (both Boston and Cambridge), plenty of good people watching, crossing the bridges provides just enough of a "hill" to push you that much more, and the breeze (or gusts this weekend) coming off the water cools you off so nicely!

View from the Longfellow Bridge
Holly has been taking advantage of my "new" find as well...she can be let off the leash without worry that a park ranger is going to end all the fun.  While I am sure some other dogs would be going straight for the water, Holly is (luckily) still a bit unsure.  She just investigates a bit...the waves this weekend were a bit to big even for that!

Holly thinking park benches are for her...
Time may be running short this season for more Esplanade fun, but I am looking forward to taking full advantage next spring!

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