Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stoddard's - when you need a good beer

After going out to an OK dinner on Friday night I was excited to try out Stoddard's Food and Ale, which was right next door to Mantra.  Walking into Stoddard's is like stepping back in time and also puts you immediately at ease.  I feel like I could hang out there forever. 

There is exposed brick on every wall and tin-tiled ceiling.  Every decorative touch really is turn of the century - even the ice is chipped off a big block.  There are two smaller areas upstairs that look like the special balcony sections in a theatre. These may be reserved for VIP or something similar - regardless, it looks fun up there. Also, there are two street lamps in the middle of the bar that provide plenty of light while still maintaining some ambiance.

The bar scene
Behind the bar is an impressive wooden structure that has amazing carved details.  While there is a fairly big food menu, we stuck with the beer and it was totally worth it. 

The bar
The bar is lined with 20 taps, with only labels on the tap to distinguish the different types of beers.  They carry a few main stream beers, though the majority are smaller craft beers that we typically see at beer festivals.  Each tap is readily able to switch up the beers. 

The taps
Since they do offer so many different types, the bartenders are really knowledgeable of their selection of beers and are willing to serve a healthy size tasting glass to make sure you know what you are getting into.

Tasting Glass
We tired a number of different types of beer including an Oatmeal Stout, a Coney Island Lager, a Long Trail Centennial.  We also had a Harpoon Munich Dark, which I have so far only seen at the brewery itself. 

I cannot wait to go back and try another variety of beers - this was the perfect neighborhood bar.

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