Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four Green Fields - an Irish pub?

Being in great need to get together with some friends, we decide to catch up over drinks after work one evening last week.  Not really knowing where to go but always being up for somewhere new, we headed to Four Green Fields in the BNY Mellon building in Downtown Crossing.  I believe the restaurant has only been open for 2 weeks and originated from a similar bar in Tampa.  When people were talking about the bar itself they always referenced the authentic thatch Irish actually can have a little party in there!

The cottage
When we walked in the bar was packed but there were a few tables available in the large downstairs area.  There is a smaller bar upstairs that we did not see.  I think the downstairs is going to end up being the entertainment venue (the website discusses lots of live bands).  The room was really large and had extremely high ceilings, which made it seem loud and a bit imposing,  There was no division in the room other than the tables which did not have much rhyme or reason to their positioning.  Also, there was not much on the walls near where we were sitting, so it just seemed huge.  I am assuming something will go there in time.  The upstairs may have bit more intimate seating.

They did have a few imports that you do not see everywhere, including Belhaven.

Oddly enough, one of my coworkers recently told me out this beer and said it would change my life.  While it was definitely delicious and different that what you can normally get around here, life changing it was not. The other beer listed on the menu was Magner's, a cider available throughout the UK - even in 2 liter bottles - so I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the menu!  However, I was taken aback when the waiter delivered a Woodchuck!

We asked if there had been a mistake and he said "no, this is what we actually have, but they are basically the same."  To all those cider drinkers out there: do not fear, we corrected him on the spot.  Woodchuck is much sweeter than Magner's.  It was a bit of a let down as we were excited for what was listed on the menu.
We did not delve too deeply into the menu as we just wanted some snacks, but they did seem to have a pretty good variety, which included a raw bar.  We ordered the creamy crab dip, which was a fresh lump crab meat in a creamy cheese sauce.

Creamy Crab Dip
The dip was good and the pita chips were a lot better than tortilla chips.  However, there could have been a bit more crab.  We also ordered the sweet potato fries which were great. 

Sweet Potato Fries
The fries were done well - crispy and not overly greasy.

Overall, I would do a few drinks here after work, and there is plenty of space for a big group.  If you are looking for a place to catch up, the upstairs may serve your needs better.  I think in time everything will come together a bit more - flags and a cottage alone, though, do not make an authentic Irish pub.

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  1. Woodchuck and Magners are definitely not the same! An Irish Pub should know that!

  2. @Daisy, I was AMAZED that the server did not know that! Hopefully they will now learn there is a BIG difference!


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