Friday, February 4, 2011

Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter???

I know the whole vampire thing is a bit overdone at this point, but I must say the stories have always intrigued me (although Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt would get any girl hooked.)  The author, Seth Grahame-Smith, co-wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I loved.  I mean he was able to seamless write-in an entire plot about Zombies into Pride and Prejudice, so when I saw he had a new book out, I was sold.

In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Grahame-Smith somehow told a believable biography of Abraham Lincoln but introduced an entire vampire element to America's history as well as Lincoln's upbringing and motivation.

Obviously you have to let you mind wander and not take things too seriously when reading this book - unless, of course, you actually believe in vampires!  However, it was one of those stories that actually made me then want to read an actual biography because I was not sure what really could have been real since it all seemed so plausible. 

Beyond the "realness" of the story, the book was well written and flowed really well.  There were no dull moments to the book, and each aspect of the book added to the story.  Grahame-Smith put a lot of thought into the various back stories of all the characters to keep the story moving along, which made the book as a whole well-rounded and complete.

This book is also being made into a movie and I always like to have a head start.  This book was definitely a fun read for anyone who needs a little break from reality and can wink at history.

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