Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazy amounts of snow!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you know New England has been slammed by a number of snowstorms and it is just the beginning of February.  I am lucky because I do not own a car that needs to be shoveled out, and I have a condo association that tends to the sidewalks for me.  But still, it is crazy out...I do not remember a time that I have seen so much snow on the ground at one time!

Here are a quick couple of shots that I took on my way to work the other day in an attempt to show how much snow is here for those who have not been lucky enough to experience it for themselves!

Where are the ducklings??
Close up on sad Mama duck
So while the ducklings are not that high, about 10 inches or a foot maybe, they are always showing because of the number of children and tourists who stop to take a photo or play on the ducks.  This is the first time that I have ever seen the ducklings covered!!  You can only see one or two of their noses peeking out - the specks in the photo.  Mama duck just looks so sad.  And blind.

Around the Swan Pond

Who needs a path?
As you can see, the people who tend to the parks just decided they did not need to try to keep up with the plowing of all the paths in the Public Gardens.  Most of the paths closest to the Pond are non-existent.  Also, even if you wanted to trudge through the snow do NOT think about taking a break in one of the many benches because the height of the snow on the ground has made them unuseable.  Those horizontal lines in the picture above are actually the park benches.

By now, a lot of people in Beacon Hill, and I am sure in other areas of Boston, have just given up on digging out their cars.  They are completely covered in snow and ice and snowed in by the repeated plow passes.  The cars look more like a cool snow fort or an igloo than a vehicle.  I think they are just waiting for the delayed "January" thaw to come before they think about driving again.

So for now, I am in casual mode for work, having ruined too many nice things by walking through the salt encrusted sidewalks.  I guess some would consider me lucky that I am walking on sidewalks that have been salted - and I'll take it!  Even for a huge snow lover like myself, I am getting a bit annoyed.  I think the mountains up north actually need some snow and I would be more than willing to let them have it.

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