Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meat Pies - yes please! KO Catering and Pies

A while ago Nick and I had seen a TV review recommending KO Catering and Pies, a small shop in Southie.  Having eaten pasties (meat in pastry crust) while studying in England, I have never seen this version - basically, a small pie in a little pie tin - but I was sure it would be just as delicious.  Each shot of the review on TV showed a steaming pie made with fresh ingredients and a flaky crust.  Since we have corn-hole on Tuesday nights in Southie, this was the perfect excuse to give KO Catering a go.

An Irish Stew Meat Pie
The menu has a couple traditional items like meat pies and fish & chips as well as salads and sandwiches.  A word that I had not heard since I was in Australia was "Brekky," Australian for breakfast, which they serve Tuesday through Sunday.

We stayed with the traditional and went with the classic beef and cheese pie, the Irish stew pie, and some fries with chicken salt.  The pies were absolutely fantastic.  The Irish stew had some good chunks of stewed meat and great flavor, and the classic beef was a bit juicer.  I loved them both, and having to pick one would just depend on what you were in the mood for.

Beef and Cheese Pie
The juicy center...

Inside an Irish Stew Pie
What amazed me the most about the pies was how flaky the crust was.  This really was a dish we could eat with our hands.  Looking at the size, we were worried about whether sharing two pies would actually be enough, but they were just the right amount. 

Fries with Chicken Salt
We also ordered fries with chicken salt to go along with our pies - I mean how can you resist fries with Chicken Salt (not even knowing what it was!).  The fries were great and I left wanting to buy the chicken salt they had there since I really think they made the dish.  It added some great flavor that was a bit of a twist on the norm.  Definitely not "Meatless Monday" material!

We had a lot of time after we finished eating, and while we were waiting we spotted these amazing looking desserts that had coconut coating.  We needed to pass the time somehow!

When we actually ordered the coconut thing, we found out they are called Lamingtons, which are an Australian staple.  Inside the chocolate and coconut crust, there was a yellow sponge cake.

Showing the Goodness
This dessert was delicious and all I wanted was more! 

Overall, I was super impressed with KO Catering and Pies and wished I could eat it more frequently!  One great thing to note is that although the store location is in Southie, they have a food truck!  You can follow the food truck location on Twitter simply by following them, and you know I'll be on the lookout.  Hopefully they come over towards Brookline soon!!  This was a great, cheaper alternative, to traditional lunch location.

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  1. After that good food should be given a walk through Boston Common

  2. Hi there! I went to KO with the Boston Brunchers and absolutely loved it. Would you mind sending me an email address? I'd like to tell you about a local website and blogger opportunities with it. Thanks!


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