Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Community Supported Agriculture - Farm Fresh Veggies ALL summer

Oddly enough, while in the midst of the snowpocalypse happening right now, we signed up for our first CSA with Silverbrook Farm in Dartmouth MA.  CSA's have been becoming more popular over the past couple years, and most everyone I know who owns a share loves the fresh veggies they receive each week.  Not wanting to miss out we decided to give it a go.

Boston actually has a really easy website that helps you locate CSA's in and around the city.  We were looking at a couple of different farms based purely on their drop off location.  If it was going to be difficult to get the food because it was too far away or at an odd time, we knew that we would not take as much advantage of the share.  After emailing the farms we were interested in, Silverbrook Farms actually was responsive and also seemed to have a great variety of foods.  We will not only get veggies, but also a variety of fruits and on occasion cheese and fresh eggs.  The fresh eggs actually weirded Nick out, but having grown up eating mostly farm fresh eggs, there is nothing to worry about. In fact, a fried egg is SO much better when using a fresh egg!

I know going into this that we could end up with a large amount of something I have no idea how to cook (like turnip or radishes), or more likely the case, don't like (beets), but oh well - those will probably make for the most enjoyable blog posts!
Nemesis #1

Nemesis #2

Also, it will really help out with meatless Mondays and the reasons behind meatless Monday - mixing things up a bit (NO - not the environment!). With all the recipes out there, someone will be able to turn things I would not normally eat into tasty treats!

Since this is our first year and there is only the 2 of us, we got a half share, which ends up costing about $18-$20 per week.  This may seem high to some people, but when your main grocery store is at places like Savenor's or Whole Foods, this is not bad at all.

So yes, we are all paid up, ready for our first pick up date, which is actually not until the end of JUNE!  That is a long time, especially when staring out at a blizzard.  At that point though, it will seem like we are actually just getting free food each week.  For now, we sit and wait until spring and the first harvest!

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