Thursday, November 13, 2014

Charlestown - Bunker Hill Monument

Time to switch from some of our recent travels to sightseeing in our own back yard!

Growing up north of Boston, I came into the city quite a bit for school field trips, shows and some shopping. Every time I came in, I could see the Bunker Hill Monument in the distrance from the highway, but somehow never actually climbed it! Back when we did out Freedom Trail Pub Crawl the Monument was closed, so I was out of luck. This summer, though, after a year of actually living with views of the Monument, I was determined to make the climb. On a sunny Saturday, Nick and I wandered over to the museum and grabbed our free tickets to make the climb.

Bunker Hill Monument

Tickets are free inside the Battle of Bunker Hill Museum, but they give you a window in which to climb so that the narrow staircase does not get overcrowded. Once you are inside and get a look at those stairs, you are thankful for that fact!

The Stairs
After climbing the 294 stairs to the top, we were treated to amazing views of the city.

A look back North-West - You can actually see our house!
Beautiful water views with the USS Constitution and the Navy Yard
City of Boston views, complete with the Zakim Bridge and the Hancock Tower
Attached to the Monument is a small gallery commemorating the battle that is nicely thought-out and corrects a few errors! Fun fact - the Bunker Hill Monument, which stands in honor of the Battle of Bunker Hill, actually sits atop Breed's Hill. Somehow they got the physical location of the battle correct for the Monument, just messed up the name! Bunker Hill is actually just up the road - really, it should have been the Battle of Breed's Hill!

General Warren
The Gallery at the base of the Monument
Last Look at the Monument
I am so happy I can finally say I climbed Bunker Hill Monument. I feel like I can officially say I am a Bostonian now!

The area itself is a great place to come and relax and enjoy the afternoon with a picnic. Monument Square has some amazing houses to admire and the park is so well maintained. After your tour, head on down to the Warren Tavern and grab a drink in Honor of General Warren in a tavern where General George Washington actually imbibed!


  1. I have always wanted to do this!

  2. That tight stairwell reminds me of some of the tower climbs we did in Italy. So nice to have something like this in our own backyards! My sister was in town this past weekend and she and her boyfriend actually trekked over to see the monument.


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