Monday, July 9, 2012

Smorgasburg in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge

A couple of weekends ago Nick and I headed down to New York City to visit some friends.  Usually when we go there it is a quick trip - down Friday and back by Sunday evening.  Having not spent much time there, I always like to try to see and do something new and different.  Luckily our friends are great guides and very tolerant of me and my touristy ways :)

On this particular Saturday we decided to take the ferry across the East River and head to Brooklyn for Smorgasburg, an amazing food market with loads of vendors offering plenty to taste and snack on.  Needless to say I was in tourist heaven - great views to photograph on the ferry and my first trip to Brooklyn!

Views from the Ferry

I could not believe how many vendors there were!  Even the threat of rain could not keep us away.  Before committing to anything, we did a lap to see what was being offered.  Once I started, though, there was no stopping.  First stop - Brooklyn Piggies, who had delicious pigs in a blanket in spicy and regular varieties.  Of course I had to try both, and they were amazing!

Good sauces too!
From there, Nick spotted some Horchata, which is referenced in a Vampire Weekend song.  Having always wondered what it tasted like he was excited to give it a go.  This is definitely a delicious milky beverage with great hints of cinnamon.

Drinking Horchata
From there I decided to have a Cemita, a sandwich that has just about everything you could fit on a bun!  This was just as yummy as I remembered and I hope more places up here start serving these.

Anatomy of the Cemita
Cemita in Real Life!
There was a big group of us so we got to see a bunch of different foods from various vendors!

Lobster Roll from Red Hook
Jerk Chicken
Korean Sandwich
Making homemade Smore's
Final Smore presentation!
After getting our fill of more than enough food we jumped back on the ferry and headed down to the Dumbo area to see the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across back to Manhattan!  I had never seen the bridge before so I was super excited to cross another thing off my New York City to-do list.  While heading down to Dumbo on the ferry we got some more great views.

Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and the Statue of Liberty
Manhattan Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

More Views...
Walking across
Bridges, Empire State Building and Chrysler Building
Looking back at Dumbo
As you can see we covered a lot of New York that day!  I can't even begin to tell you how much we walked!  Smorgasburg is a must do for anyone who loves local food because there is TONS of it!  It would be incredible to get something like it up here in Boston.  The Brooklyn Bridge walk was tons of fun and provided a great way to see some of the best views of NYC and its prominent landmarks.

After this grand adventure we headed back to our friends place to rest a bit before our dinner that evening - hard to believe we were planning on eating any more, but the walk helped work up my appetite!


  1. Smorgasburg is my favorite!!! Ever since last year it's been my top recommendation to anyone visiting NY in the summer. Gorgeous photos too!

  2. what an awesome day, I love your photos. I'd be all about the Lobster roll and the horchata! (I first tried it in Spain, the vampire weekend song definitely gave it some intrigue)

  3. Great photos! I need to plan a trip to Brooklyn ASAP.

  4. That sounds like the perfect foodie day. I probably would have snagged a Cemita too!

  5. You got some amazing pictures! I think I would love Smorgasbord!

  6. I've been SO wanting to go to Smorgasburg! My NYC trips lately have been Sat-Sun only so it's hard to fit in. I did spend last Sunday in Brooklyn it there!

  7. Awesome pics. I've been to Brooklyn but still haven't crossed the Brooklyn bridge. Oh and if you like Cemitas you should check out Dorado Tacos here in Brookline ( :)

  8. After reading this, we decided we needed to go back. Plus there are some new additions. First SmorgasBar has arrived, with local beers, cocktails, and wines. And along with some of our favorite dishes from our last trip (Korean BBQ sandwich and the Cemita) we tried a new brisket sandwich and Sunday Gravy (home made slow grazed beef sauce served over macaroni and dusted with Parmesan cheese)...all amazing!


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