Monday, July 23, 2012

Del Frisco's Does Lunch!

Over the last two years the Seaport/Fort Point area of Boston has exploded.  Liberty Wharf is responsible for much of the activity, housing at least four restaurants with one more on the way!  With amazing views of the water and within earshot of the Bank of America Pavilion, the area has plenty of a draw on evenings and weekends.  Recently, Del Frisco's has put a major focus on their lunch menu to help attract some of the local office workers.  They have a menu that is a bit lighter (read: no food coma) and can get you in and out the door quickly.  For a place that is known for delicious (and fairly massive) steaks, Del Frisco's has not been known for a quick power lunch - until now!

Views from the back deck
More views

What is most striking about Del Frisco's is how every table in the restaurant has a view of the water.  The layout and table arrangement is so well thought out and maximizes their location on the Harbor.  When I arrived for the lunch tasting I sipped on Del Frisco's VIP signature cocktail, made with a mixture of clementine vodka and pineapple juice among other ingredients.  It was a perfectly refreshing drink to have on the deck during the HOT days we have been having.

VIP Signature Cocktail
After enjoying our drinks on the deck, we were invited inside to begin tasting some of the dishes off of the new lunch menu.  First was a Seared Ahi Tuna Salad that contained shaved Napa cabbage, arugula, mango, chilled noodles, toasted almonds, tomato and avocado with a ginger-sesame dressing.  This salad was light and delicious.  The variety of greens made for a great base, and the noodles made the dish seem a bit more substantial.  Adding the brightness of the mango and the tuna added more flavor but kept the dish light.  The ginger-sesame dressing drizzled over top provided the perfect accent.  This is definitely a great lunch salad that can be served to you in 10 minutes - a total "power lunch" item.

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad
Sesame Bread for dipping
Next up was the Spaghettini served with garlic shrimp, plum tomato, basil and lemon zest.  This may have been my favorite dish of the evening.  So much flavor was packed into this light sauce.  The shrimp added a nice amount of protein, and the sauce had a bit of a briny after taste that completed the bite and made me keep going back for more.

Some of our hosts: Mindy Valone of CM Communications and Executive Chef Derek Barragan 
After my VIP cocktail, I switched gears a bit and went with a glass of Prosecco with some floating raspberries.  I never think to order a glass of bubbly, but it always it to be such a fun drink!

Our next course was the Steakhouse Salad.  The lunch serving has 6oz of broiled prime strip steak, deviled egg, baby mixed green, watercress, avocado, cherry tomato, bacon and Parmesan with a blue cheese and horseradish lemon dressing.  This was a big salad with BIG flavors!  The steak was cooked beautifully and there was plenty of it.  The deviled egg was one of the best I have had.  The filling had a bit of a kick to it!  Those alone would have been great, but then you can go searching for the blue cheese, bacon and avocado!  Even with so much going on, it all worked well together.

Steakhouse Salad
Close-up on the amazing deviled egg!
Finally we had the Orcchiette tossed with grilled chicken breast and baby spinach, all in a roasted garlic-Parmesan cream sauce.  I was stuffed at this point but had to give this a try.  I loved the cream sauce but thought the chicken was a tad bit dry.  Assuming this was an anomaly, the dish would be a great lunch serving when you are looking for a solid meal.

With plenty of dishes that are on the lighter side and can get you in and out in a reasonable amount of time, Del Frisco's is a great lunch option in the Seaport.  There is a variety of price points and portion sizes on the lunch menu to satisfy every guest.

Where do you go for a weekday lunch?

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Disclaimer: This meal was complimentary, but my opinions are my own


  1. I've had a few great meals at Del Frisco's and will have to check them out for lunch if I'm ever in town. Cute picture of Mindy too. Isn't she the best?

  2. I have been here for lunch, I had an amazing sandwich. Their pastas and salads look really good.

  3. I still haven't been there! Everything looks great. My favorite lunch spots are Sofra and Lone Star!

  4. That steak salad has my name on it, LOVE the deviled egg! Jon and I meet at Tico a lot, their lunch service is also very fast and delicious!

  5. This meal looks incredible, especially that deviled egg and the orecchiette!! I really wanted to go to this but was out fo town. I've enjoyed Del Firsco's for dinner - and their lunch looks just as good :)

  6. Great photos! So nice seeing you one last time before I left.

  7. Great catching up with you at lunch-for-dinner. :) I go to Cutty's fairly often but mostly eat at work.

  8. Everything was so delicious, and it was great to see you!


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