Monday, July 2, 2012

Olives' Grand re-Opening Party!

This past week one of the original celebrated Boston chef's, Todd English, marked the Grand re-Opening of his first restaurant, Olives in Charlestown.  Olives has been shuttered for the last 2 years due to a grease fire in the kitchen.  For a while people wondered whether Olives would ever reopen, but it's now making a triumphant return with totally revamped inside to boot!  Having never actually been to Olives pre-fire, I was excited to be able to check out the new and improved locale.

Other bloggers, including DaisyElizabethLinMeghan, Meesh and Jacki, and I were invited to an Olive Oil tasting prior to the opening party.  The olive oil is from Chile and one that Todd English has become involved with more recently.  During the pre-party, we sampled a number of appetizer and drinks, all of which heavily utilized the olive oil.  We first sampled a strong vodka martini with olive oil and muddled oranges.  This was definitely tasty.  I was afraid the olive oil would add an oily consistency, but instead just gave a smoothness to the drink.

Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil Martini
The Olive Oil
Other passed appetizers included ceviches from the raw bar.  The fish included a fluke, red snapper, and ahi tuna.  The fish was served in a lovely marinade, all of which incorporated the olive oil and other yummy and flavorful ingredients.

Raw Bar
Real, Fresh and Smelly Seaweed!
Selection of ceviche

Nice and Cold!  A little dry ice creates such a great effect
Other passed appetizers included...

Goat Cheese Pizza
Quail Egg served in the actual shell - AMAZING presentation!
Carrot Soup, another fun presentation
Olive Oil!
As the Olive Oil tasting started to wind down, our group headed toward the main dining room to the Grand re-Opening party!  The most striking aspect of the space is the beautiful open kitchen with the stone work and open fire.  Every diner in the restaurant has the ability to see almost everything going on in the kitchen, making for a fun dining experience - there's no guessing where your food will come from!

Open kitchen at work
Open Fire!
Monogramed Hearth
As this was Todd English, other big name Boston chefs were on hand for the festivities, including Tiffani Faison of Sweet Cheeks BBQ and her wife!

Total Stalker photo - I know!
The Man Himself - Todd English!
After some more passed food, many drinks, some mingling and dancing, it was time for dessert.  Unfortunately I did not get a photo of my favorite dessert, the Olive Oil Tres Leche cake, but Meghan got a great one.  They also had recipe cards for many of the olive oil options so I will be sure to try to recreate this one at home!

There were a ton of other desserts that came out late in the evening, which obviously included some of Isabelle's Curly Cakes (Todd English's daughter's cupcake bakery in Beacon Hill) as well as some tarts and french macaroons, all of which were delicious.

With all the negative press that has surrounded much of English's empire in Boston as of late, I was not sure what the tone of the evening would be.  However, the whole evening was lovely, and Todd English and his staff were amazingly gracious hosts.  Everyone in attendance was just looking forward to having a good time, eating some delicious food, having a few tasty drinks and getting their dance on!  

After the bites and sips I had at the party, I cannot wait to sit down for a full meal at the new Olives!


  1. So nice seeing you! I'm so sad I had to leave before dessert. That spread is insane!

  2. Your photos are fantastic. I love the one of Tiffani Faison!!!

  3. great photos! what a fun night!!!

  4. I'm bummed I had to cancel out of this event - I would've loved to meet you and hang out with everyone too!

  5. haha love the pics, esp of todd obviously. this night got a little cray! also i owe you a drink and/or a cab ride next time i see you!

  6. I would have been totally star struck at this event! Sounds incredible.

  7. oh my.. those quail eggs and those desserts!! Amazing. I wanted to go to this event - looks like a great event.

  8. The goat cheese pizza looks so good!


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