Friday, July 27, 2012

Sam's at Louis Boston

One of my favorite concert venues during a summer in Boston is the Bank of America Pavillion, which will always be Harbor Lights to me!  Recently, Nick and I got tickets to see Passion Pit there and we wanted to grab some food before the show, and assuming it was going to be beautiful we thought Sam's at Louis Boston would be the perfect place to enjoy the fresh air and grab a bite.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate with our plans and it POURED! Though we didn't get to sit outside and take in one the best water views in Boston, we did get to look through the window at the same view!

Views from Sam's
I arrived a few minutes early and grabbed a drink at the bar: a Goji PI's, made with Aquavit and Apricot Liquor, OJ, sparkling wine and a goji liquor drizzle.  I thought this was the perfect way to start a Friday night.

Goji PI
The inside of Sam's is simple and industrial in nature, which really keeps things clean and simple and helps focus the guests on the view.

Inside Sam's
Sankaty Light in a can!
While settling down and looking over the menu, we munched on some hearty bread to help tide us over until we made some selections!

When I saw the Grilled Marinated Haloumi with roasted broccoli, orange supremes and a champagne vinaigrette on the menu, there was no way I could not order it - grilled cheese!  Ever since our trip to Greece last year I have been hooked!  This was unbelievable - no bread needed here!  The cheese was rich and flavorful and the vinaigrette was the perfect accent.  I really was debating on getting a second order.  Grilled haloumi is the best!

Grilled Haloumi
For main meals, I was struggling in my selection- there were so many great items to choose from.  The options on the menu had so many different accompaniments, many of which were somewhat non-traditional and peaked my interest.  After a bit of discussion with our server, I decided on the Coriander Crusted Cobia with a chickpea, spinach and piquillo pepper succotash.  There was so much flavor packed into this dish.  The fish was light and flaky and I loved the chickpeas.  I made sure to eat every single one - I couldn't help myself!  This dish just came together well.

Nick also consulted the server and went with the Grilled Pork Paillard with farro, shaved vegetables, red grapes and mint.  The pork was was moist and had a great spiceness to it.  Nick loved the flavor of the grapes and mint in this dish.

Grilled Pork Paillard
Since we had some extra time to kill before the concert (and were trying to wait out the storm), we listened to the dessert options, one of which jumped off the menu: the Blueberry Jamboree with macerated blueberries, whipped cream cheese toppings and almond shortbread.  This was a deconstructed blueberry cheesecake and it was unbelievable.  This was a lot of dessert in one bowl  The whipped cream cheese topping was light and packed with flavor - rich and just the right amount of sweetness.  The blueberries added a bit more texture contrast and depth.  The shortbread cookie?  Lets just say I would have purchased a box of them if they were for sale!

Blueberry Jamboree
I totally enjoyed my experience at Sam's.  From the location to the food we enjoyed it all, even with all of the rain!  Sam's is a a bit removed from the rest of the Seaport craziness, making for a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere without some of the hustle of Liberty Wharf.

I would highly recommend taking a trip to Sam's, and if it happens to be nice out, enjoying a seat of their patio.  Being able to see all the wharfs along the Financial district to Charlestown is amazing!

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  1. I still haven't dined at Sam's but their view looks killer!

  2. Kind of cool to have that few of the rain, but nice weather would have been nice. The food looks awesome! Especially that halloumi and the dessert

  3. I like Sam's a lot! their view and proximity away from the crowds can't be beat!

  4. Things I love: Passion pit, Goji berries (just discovered 'em) and haloumi. I am super envious of your night out!

  5. The grilled haloumi dish looks so good. I still haven't been to Sam's!

  6. I've only had haloumi once and I don't think it was as good as your dish was! I need to try it again sometime.


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