Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Art Bar - Cocktail Class and Dinner

After such a fun time at Vodka Class at ArtBar, we immediately reserved spots in the next class: Syrups, Shrubs and Bitters.  Initially I wondered what they would talk about and do for such a class.  However, after learning a bit more about what the class was all about it sounded outstanding!  All of ArtBar's syrups and shrubs are made in-house, and the bitters ArtBar utilizes are not the easiest to come by.  The instructors referred to these as their "salt and pepper," and the way they make a traditional drink better.

The first drink we made was a Vodka Fruit Cup, which was made with a delicious mixed berry shrub.  This drink was so yummy we actually just finished a batch of our own mixed berry shrub for the 4th of July!  It was THAT good.

Vodka Fruit Cup
The other drink we made (and compared) was the classic Gin Martini, made with and without a few drops of orange bitters.  The difference was astounding!  I am not a gin person (at all), however, with the bitters I actually enjoyed this gin martini!  Who knew that bitters had the ability to alter drinks so drastically?  We actually went home and bought a book to learn a bit more about this drink "seasoning."

Cocktail Class Menu
This time around, after class, we decided to grab some dinner on the patio, even though on this evening the temperature had dropped a bit - the patio is just too nice not to enjoy.  Having just come from cocktail class, I was excited to imbibe in one of the many amazing cocktails on the list.  Not much deliberation was required, however, because I went straight for the Root Beer Float.  This one did not have the ice cream I had at the South End Buttery.  Instead, it was made with their house vanilla vodka, Root, Sarsaparilla, salted cream and CO2.  This drink was impressive - it tasted like a true root beer float.  I didn't think this list of ingredients would come together correctly, but it worked perfectly and I loved it!  If you are a root beer lover, this drink is a must.

Root Beer Float
For dinner, I decided on the ArtBar Burger (a shocker, I know!).  This burger was made with Meyer Ranch All Natural Beef, Maitake mushrooms, caramelized shallots, goat Cheddar and bordelaise.  This burger was great - cooked to the correct temperature, and nice melted cheese is always a great signs.  However, when you bite in and get the strong mushroom flavor that is perfectly balanced by the tang of the goat Cheddar it works so well.  The subtle accents of the shallots provided just enough to support the rest of the toppings.  After this burger I am a big fan of goat Cheddar - where has it been all my life?!

Art Bar Burger
For my side I decided on the sweet potato tots after hearing how delicious they were.  The tots definitely did not disappoint, especially for a sweet potato lover like myself.  There was a lovely sweetness that surprises you but totally works.

Sweet Potato Tots
Nick decided on the twin lobster rolls.  The lobster was mixed with a lemon-tarragon aioli, which added a light and fresh taste to the traditional cold mayo lobster rolls.  When you can't have hot-buttered, this is a definite close second!

Twin Lobster Rolls (sorry for the blurry photo)
After sampling some food during the cocktail classes I was hoping for some great things, but the entrees were beyond my expectation.  After all the great pieces came together - the patio, the cocktails and the food - I cannot wait to head back to ArtBar!

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  1. Art Bar's cocktail classes sound so cool. I love the sound of the root beer float

  2. that root beer float is so good! I had one on the patio last time I was there.

  3. I love the root beer float and tots. Such fun and delicious food choices!

  4. ArtBar has really stepped it up. The cocktail classes sounds like a blast.

  5. Sounds like a great class! And some great food afterward! Love the patio there.

  6. It is really great to see that there is something like that. Something tasty.
    Frozen cocktails perth

  7. Sounds amazing! I've been wanting to explore bitters more because I never really know what to do with them...


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