Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lone Star Taco Bar - Excellent Mexican!

This post is LONG overdue!  Ages ago, my co-workers and I went to Lone Star Taco Bar after hearing amazing things about the food.  Only identified by a "lone star" outside, if you aren't paying attention you could miss it. A group of five of us arrived and were pointed to a large table in the corner to review the menu.  As we sat we noticed the lofty ceiling with exposed rafters and the easy decor that immediately made you feel at ease.

To begin I ordered the Lone Star Margarita, figuring that if they could get the basics straight they are good!  Sure enough, this mixture of blanco tequila, lime, lemon, sugar and orange liquor was delicious.  No standard sour mix was used here.  If I didn't have a whole second half of the day ahead of me I definitely could have had more than one of these!

Lone Star Margarita
Others in our group got the white sangria, which was refreshingly delicious!

White Sangria
When it came to selecting food, our group decided on sharing just about everything on the menu!  It's always fun to go out to eat with a group that wants to sample the menu as much as I always do.  Lucky for me, they let me take pictures of all of our dishes!  First up was the guacamole that was absolutely the best guacamole I have had.  It was unbelievable.  Seriously - this is how everyone should make it, so much flavor and spice!

From here, there was just a massive amount of food that arrived at our table.  

Refried Bean Tostada
Refried Beans and Rice
Victory Club Nachos 
Chorizo (Pickled radish, queso fresco, mint) & Carnitas (Confit pork shoulder, salsa verde, cilantro, queso fresco)
Beef Barbacoa (Smoked brisket, pickled red onion, avocado crema, cotija)
Everything that came out of the kitchen was delicious!  These tacos (~$4) were large and came two per serving.  All the cotija cheese was fresh and added the authentic taste that so many Mexican places are missing.  The different meat varieties were cooked perfectly tender and had their own taste and texture.  Each of toppings were selected to highlight the best parts of each dish.

I really cannot say enough good things about Lone Star.  If I lived closer, I would be in trouble because I would be there every day!  Of all the new Mexican places in the city, this is by far the best one and has the best price point to boot - it's not every day that you find that!

If you haven't been to Lone Star yet, I highly recommend taking the trip.

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  1. Lone Star is definitely worth the trip out to Allston! I like the atmosphere there a lot too.

  2. This looks like a delicious and fun place to eat. The prices are pretty great too!

  3. Happy to hear you liked Lone Star! I wasn't totally blown away by it, but I think that's because I was surprised (and annoyed) that we had to wait 35 minutes on a Wednesday night at 8 pm. Maybe it's died down a little bit now? And it was so dark we all struggled to read the menu. I really liked my margarita though; if you are a fan of mezcal, definitely try the El Diablo next time (if you haven't already).

  4. I've been DYING to go here. Great review!

  5. I never made it to Lone Star. The tacos look fantastic.

  6. I wish I lived closer to Lone Star...it's just so out of the way for me! But I've heard such rave reviews, I definitely need to make the trip one of these days. Sounds so affordable, too!

  7. That's it! I'm driving to Allston this weekend and going to this place. I've heard such amazing things! Your post is putting me over the edge ;)

  8. I just went there for lunch yesterday and thought it was good, but it didn't blow me away. But also, the tacos were $4 and came 1 to a serving. It would have been more impressive if they were 2 to a serving. Maybe they changed that? I had the paloma, and it was a really awesome carbonated grapefruit margarita.


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