Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boston Burger Company - some CRAZY burgers!

Confession time: I DVR Boston's Chronicle every night (as in it has a season's pass!)  Sometimes I feel like a 90 year old for watching this, and while not EVERY episode appeals to me, so many of them are spot-on to my lifestyle that I can't help myself. Recently, they did a feature of some newer restaurants in Boston (lucky for me, this is a recurring topic on the show).  During some of the quick pictures at the beginning I saw some amazing looking burgers that I had to know more about.  Turns out the burgers were from Boston Burger Company, which has locations in Davis Square and Back Bay.  I couldn't get the images of the delicious-looking burgers out of my head, and knew we'd have to make a trip ASAP.

The Mac Attack!
On one of the recent hot summer Saturday's Nick and I were out wondering the Back Bay and decided it was time for a burger lunch and headed for the Boston Burger Company.  With a nice patio out front covered with some big umbrellas, we opted to brave the heat for some outdoor eating.  Shortly after being sat we had some serious burger decisions to make.

Turns out that Chronicle only featured two or three items from a massive list of spectacular burger types.  I mean, there were just so many to choose from!  This list is actually the perfect excuse for many repeat customers as they are trying to taste all the varieties.

Part of the burger menu!
Nick had more of an issue in deciding than I did.  I could not stop thinking about the Mac Attack Burger featured on Chronicle, which was a burger topped with a 4 cheese macaroni and cheese and bacon.  How amazing does that sound?!  Think about it: mac and cheese is placed on top of the burger WHILE ITS COOKING on the griddle top!  This burger was delicious.  The burger patty itself was solid, but really it was the toppings working with the burger that made it.  It felt obscene to eat, but every delicious bite was so worth it.

Mac Attack
How to eat this!
After much deliberation, Nick decided on the Vermonster Burger, which is a burger topped with Vermont Cheddar cheese, sliced apple and onion sautéed in maple syrup, bacon and maple mayo and drizzled with a bit of maple syrup.  Who comes up with these?!  Nick loved this burger, and he now believes that every burger should somehow be served with maple syrup.  It came out slightly more well-done than the medium-rare he ordered, but with all of the incredible toppings it was easy to look past that minor error.  All of the burgers are served with house-made potato chips - Nick got his, but I opted to leave them off in favor of a side of sweet potato fries.  Both the chips and fries were great, but the burgers were so big that we hardly had any room to eat them (which just meant I got to enjoy them again at home!)

The Vermonster
Close up of the toppings
Needless to say we hardly made a dent in the burger listing, but if our experience is any indication and you are in the mood for a burger that is unbelievable for many reasons, you need to make a trip to the Boston Burger Company.  We will absolutely be back to try to tackle the list!

What's the craziest burger you have had?

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  1. Those are some crazy burgers. I absolutely love Chronicle too!

  2. I haven't been to Boston Burger Company in so long! I had a Daniel Boulud burger that was stuffed with braised beef and foie gras :)

  3. So now that both you and Meghan have mentioned Chronicle, I think I need to start watching. Mac and Cheese on a burger?! YES please!

  4. I live right around the corner and have never been there! I think I'm a little scared off by all the options - I'm kind of a burger traditionalist! I usually just get mine with cheese...

  5. I love Chronicle! It's funny, I've actually encountered tons of people recently who also love it. They profile such cool places.

  6. That Mac Attack looks awesome. When we lived in Inman, I thought about ordering from there often when we were bored with the usual options... we were always too lazy at that point though, so I've still never tried these burgers. Hope to get over there at some point!


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