Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bastille Kitchen - Fort Point is getting spoiled!

One of the most anticipated new restaurant openings this year was Bastille Kitchen, which was opening in the hot Fort Point area. After almost two years, the opening timed out well for us: my brother was coming to town and was interested in trying some great Boston restaurants, so I made reservations. He may live in Charlotte, but he still follows the Boston restaurant scene closely and likes to explore when he visits.

Frisee Aux Lardons - duck confit, poached egg, sherry vinaigrette, duck lardons
Bastille Kitchen's menu consists of an amazing variety of French Bistro favorites. We managed to try a whole lot with our group of four, but I am highlighting some of the favorites of that evening. Selecting appetizers proved a bit difficult with so many good options - we almost missed the bone marrow, which would have been a big mistake!

Moelle Rotie - roasted bone marrow, sherry-maple glazed sweetbreads, toasted baguette
Upstairs is a large restaurant and bar area with a variety of seating. The space is open and airy, but the textures and couch style seating provide a warmth. The dining room is really large, and while the planners could have easily packed the space with more seats, they chose to space things out a bit, giving diners a sense of privacy during their meal.

Large and Roomy Dining Room
Downstairs is a great bar known as the Chalet, which perfectly describes the space. It feels just like a vintage ski lodge. I definitely plan on spending some winter evenings there!

Beef Short Rib Wellington - foie gras, glazed carrots, pommes fondant
One of the best entrees of the evening was the Beef Short Rib Wellington. Not only was the Wellington amazing in and of itself, but the foie gras was outstanding! I am typically not a huge fan of foie gras and still found myself making it through most of my serving. If you are headed to Bastille and hungry, this is the dish for you. I really cannot recommended it enough.

Seared Diver Scallops - lobster risotto, curried cauliflower, caviar beurre blanc
The sea scollops were another great dish. The curried cauliflower was such a fun surprise. The lobster flavors didn't overpower the dish, but rather complimented the scallops nicely.  

Chocolate Creme Brûlée - with Cookies!
With so many great dishes, we all split a creme brûlée at the end of the night - a classic french dessert. It was the perfect cap to the evening.

Bastille Kitchen is such a great addition to the city. The price point is definitely on the higher end, but not crazy by any means when compared to other French classics in the city. If you haven't already been to Bastille Kitchen, I highly recommend a trip.

Fort Point is just packed with great dining options - now if only we could get a few places like this in Charlestown...

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  1. we had my friends 40th birthday party in the Chalet. I loved the atmosphere. We had some really good appetizers, too. I would love to go back and get that beef wellington.

    and um yea, why can't a place like this open in ctown?!?

  2. It's so good to read your review because I really wanted to go to Bastille, but then I started hearing not great things. Maybe they've worked out some kinks by now. The dishes you had look great. And I will have to get over there now.

  3. I worked in Fort Point when there was almost nothing, and now it is amazing! Bastille is on my list!

  4. Everything looks incredible! I miss working in Fort Point. Will definitely try and make it to Bastille Kitchen soon!

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  6. Yeah my sister also loves eating out at the Boston restaurants when she visits there. I have also been to Boston with her. I am happy that there is another five star restaurant. I would love to try the Thai food at this venue.

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