Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ward 8 - Not Just a Cocktail Anymore

When Nebo announced they were leaving their space in the outskirts of the North End for Atlantic Wharf I was curious to see what would ultimately move into the space. For those of us living in Charlestown, this location is an easy stop on the bus line, and for everyone and going to the TD Garden, it's a nice alternative to what's on Canal Street. When news spread that Ward 8 was moving in and it was from the family behind other loval favorites like Ducali, I was optimistic. Rather than serving Italian food though, Ward 8 draws inspiration from its craft cocktail namesake with a creative cocktail list and an interesting menu of bistro foods.

Moscow Mule

When we went, Nick and I were able to grab a same day Saturday night reservation, which now totally surprises me given the chatter I have heard about how busy they are. Even the night we went it was completely packed. The space has been totally renovated since Nebo moved and a new 360 degree bar takes up most of the space, with tables grouped in the front, side and very back. We sat to the side of the bar and we have to note it was very loud since there is nothing in the space to absorb the sound.

Warm Camembert with a mushroom apple salad, crackers, and melba sauce
I could not resist a Camembert appetizer so that happened - and it was delicious. The apple salad was a nice fresh flavor that paired well with the rich, warm cheese and mushrooms. For dinner, Nick and I somehow both went for mussel dishes. The coconut curry broth had a good spice. We used ALL of the bread to soak up as much broth as possible. My dish also had a delicious broth and the fish was cooked perfectly.

Curry PEI Mussels in a beer steamed coconut curry broth with country bread
Blurry photo of the fish special - bouillabaisse!
Our server was quite attentive and helpful when navigating the menu, but two other friends have been and were not quite as lucky. Hopefully the helpful servers are sticking around and the others aren't!

Ward 8 is a great alternative to the bar scene by the Garden, and since they take reservations, you can plan ahead. With a bar bites section on the menu, Ward 8 is a great stop for cocktails and snacks as well. I would recommend a stop by.

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  1. Our server when we went on Saturday was great, he basically "forced" ;) us to get the duck wings, (get them next time!!) I had the lobster hole which was delicious and loved all the cocktails we had. I agree with the sound gripes and i have heard this from every person who has ever been here....

  2. Good to hear there's another good option near TD Garden!

  3. I've been hearing good things about this place! I will have to check it out soon.

  4. Love mussels! This one is definitely on my list to try.

  5. I love the bar there. It is so beautiful!


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