Monday, April 15, 2013

Union Square Donuts - YES, They Are That Good!

News of Union Square Donuts at first was quiet, but it spread quickly.  The tales of their donuts traveled quickly, and soon people were waking up early on weekends to ensure they would be able to taste the fabled maple bacon donut.  I am not usually one to seek out donuts, but after reading so many rave reviews I knew I could not hold out any longer.  So before our trip north to Crane Beach, we decided to stop by and see what Union Square Donuts was all about.  The verdict - amazing!

Maple Bacon Donut - enough said
The first thing you should know: these donuts are not your typical cake donuts - rather they are the yeast type, which are way better (in my humble opinion).  I walked into the small storefront on Somerville Avenue and contemplated the 6 varieties.  Rather than having to choose, I just got one of each - WAY easier!

Fluffernutter Donuts Exist!
On that day, there were maple bacon (yes, with real bacon!), fluffernutter, chipolte chocolate, vanilla bean, cherry hibiscus and almond donuts.

A look at a few...
Extreme Close-Up
These donuts are really beyond amazing.  The maple bacon was one of our favorites - it truly was unbelievable!  The crunch of the crispy bacon and the sweet maple flavor worked so perfectly in my book.  I could have eaten a whole dozen of those.  The other favorite was the fluffernutter - how they managed to fill the donut with fluff that so perfectly oozed out is one thing, but then to top it with a crunchy peanut butter frosting is completely impressive.  It tasted like the best version of the sandwich you could imagine.

Obviously word has spread like wildfire about these donuts, because after only being opened for a short while, Union Square Donuts is moving to a larger space!  Hopefully this means less risk of them  running out of your favorite flavor.  These seriously have to be some of the best donuts I have ever had, and the fact that the flavors are so creative only makes them better.

Have you been to Union Square Donuts?  Whats your favorite flavor?

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  1. OK, I clearly need to get to this place asap! Everything looks and sounds incredible but I'm particularly intrigued by the hibiscus doughnut!

  2. I so much prefer yeasted doughnuts. This look amazing and decadent. And it makes me a little sad to know I could have walked there if we still lived at our old condo. I keep trying to talk Jeff into making the trek over one of these weekends. It will happen soon!

  3. I've only been in to photograph their old store for an article, but still have yet to try their doughnuts. I am salivating over that Fluffernutter photo!

  4. need one or all of these in my life!

  5. There were maple bacon donuts in Portland Oregon but the line was too long so I didn't go. Excited to try this place now!!

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