Thursday, June 2, 2011

Freedom Trail Pub Crawl Lunch Break at Ducali

As you know, we headed out this Memorial Day on a Freedom Trail pub crawl.  We started at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown and followed the red line (the trail) all the way back to Beacon Hill.  However, once we crossed over the bridge into the North End we were more than a bit hungry, so we wanted to stop somewhere that offered quick and easy food, but also served beer.  Luckily for us Ducali satisfied all that and more!

Ducali is a newer pizza place right where Commercial Street turns into Causeway.  The large windows along the street were wide open on the sunny day and more than welcomed us inside.  Having never been there I was not too sure what to expect.  The menu offers a great variety of pizzas, salads and sandwiches, as well as a large selection of beer and wine - perfect for what our day required.

Pardon the half eaten pizza pictures - like I said, we were a bit hungry!  K and R shared the Patate pizza, which comes with potato, mozzarella, rosemary and pancetta.

Patate Pizza
This was such a unique and fun combination of ingredients - I've definitely never seen a pizza with those toppings before.  It was really enjoyable, especially when washed down with a classy Bud Light!

Nick and I stuck to the classic and went with the Quattro Formaggio pizza, topped with ricotta, Mozzarella, Romano and shaved Parmiggiano Reggiano.

Quattro Formaggio
The cheeses were all really fresh and had tons of flavor - no need to add any other embellishments.  The dough and the crust for both of these was nice and light.  It was more like what you would see in an amazing pre-dinner bread basket rather than as apart of a pizza.  Somehow they managed to do something a bit different than what we traditionally see in the Boston pizza market.

There are a few more dishes and pizzas I am looking forward to trying on my future return trips (Italian Nachos anyone?!?).  With great tasting food at a decent price point I would recommend heading on down to Ducali's and checking it out.  

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  1. Yum, I like Ducali Pizza a lot! they definitely have great pizza in a cool space.

  2. You know- I had a really bad experience at Ducali about a year and a half ago, but I've heard great things since- Ill have to give it another try!


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