Friday, August 19, 2011

Frikandel - Another great type of Belgian street food at Saus!

I recently received my first invitation as a Boston Food Blogger!  Needless to say I was more than excited for the invite itself, but also when I saw that I was going to Saus to sample some of their new Frikandel's I couldn't say no!  On my previous visit to Saus, I could not say enough amazing things about their french fries, waffles and poutine.  I mean, the poutine got the approval of two Canadians, which is about as high praise as there is!

While Saus has always had a great menu, people began asking for more substantial food.  In response to this Saus is starting to offer frikandel, which keeps in line with their Belgian street food theme.  Frikandel is like a combination burger/sausage that is typically from processed meat.  However, Saus came up with a method to make the meat fresh, cooking it on a griddle and then deep frying it - quite the combination if you ask me!

After Megan, Daisy, Rachel, and I got settled the owners welcomed us with some delicious french fries and their new sauce Andalouse, which has some tomato paste, pepper, onion and a bit of citrus. 

Andalouse Sauce
After enjoying the fries the frikandel feast began.  First up was the Double Cheddar, which had shredded Cheddar under the meat and is topped with the Cheddar and Duvel Ale sauce.  I really liked the shredded Cheddar melted just a bit underneath the meat creating a great consistency.  Even better, the roll was grilled with some mayo and had a nice toasty crispness to it that completed each bite.   

Double Cheddar
After an intro with the Double Cheddar, I was excited to dive into the next sandwich - the Special, which had curry ketchup, mayo, and chopped onions.  This version of the sandwich is actually the most traditional version of the Belgian dish.  I really enjoyed the curry ketchup because it added a really different flavor to the sandwich that was not too overpowering.  While not the Burger Style sandwich, this had a subtle burger taste. 

The Special
Next up was Burger Style and being the burger fan that I am, I was really looking forward to sampling this one.  I was really nervous when it arrived on the table with Andalouse sauce, chopped onions, and loaded with pickles - one of the foods that I really do not eat.  However, in the spirit of truly tasting the food to provide feedback, I saddled up, grabbed a piece that had some pickles (though I admit that I had to scrape some off!) and took a big bite!  The salty brine and crunch of the pickles added so much texture and flavor to each bite that I'm so happy I left a few on there.  (I REALLY cannot believe I just wrote that!)

Burger Style!
Finally, while not served last, I saved it for last as it was my favorite frikandel of the evening - Spicy!  (I know - shocking that I loved the spicy one.)  The Spicy sandwich was topped with Ole Chipotle sauce and house pickled jalapenos.  The added crunch and spice of the jalapenos was delicious and really added the perfect texture and flavors to the sandwich.  If you like spice, this is the sandwich for you!

I really enjoyed all the Frikandels and would highly recommend them to anyone who checks out Saus.  I love the fact that the owners of the restaurant took into account the requests of their customers and responded perfectly with a substantial sandwich that fits into the Belgian street food theme of the restaurant.  I really lucked out with my first Boston Food Bloggers sampling - so much fun finally meeting the girls I communicate with on an almost daily basis!

Bottom line: if you haven't been to Saus yet, you need to go.  Between the fries, waffles and now the frikandels, you cannot go wrong. 

Yes, Saus did provide the sandwiches free of charge, but my critiques are all my own.

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  1. Everything looks so delicious! I haven't been to Saus in a while, but I love them!

  2. I really wanted to go to this! The food looks hearty and salty - hope to meet you another time!

  3. Thank you so much for coming! I really enjoyed meeting you in person and hope we can get together again soon! I'm so glad you gave the pickles on the burger-style sandwich a chance! I even enjoyed the spicy frikandel and I was surprised at that.

  4. so great to meet you finally! Hope I get to see you at another event soon.


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