Friday, August 12, 2011

Playing Tourist in Your Own City - Beacon Hill

One thing I have loved about this summer is actually being in Boston during the weekends.  Last year both Nick and I were off each weekend heading to weddings, showers and bachelor(ette) parties - all of which were so much fun but left us with little time to enjoy the city!  While we have done a lot of fun things - Chihuly, SOWA, 4th of July, and the North End, etc. - sometimes I forget that you don't really need to travel too far to see so much if you think to look around.

Lyme Street
On Saturday mornings when I am stumbling out a bit earlier than I would like to bring Holly to the park, I generally space out.  But I finally started to look around at all the window boxes not two feet from my apartment and couldn't stop staring at them.  After many times thinking I needed to remember my camera, I finally did!  So there I was one Saturday morning, out with all the tourists, marching up and down the streets of Beacon Hill taking pictures of the window boxes!

Door Box
These are just a few from my time playing tourist in not only my own city, but in my own neighborhood!

Its amazing how creative people get with these.  I would almost be afraid to be responsible for one because of the pressure to make them more beautiful than the next!

Whether they are filled with greenery or loads of brightly colored flowers, they are so artistic.


Almost every townhouse had an impressive show - and I didn't even have to go down Acorn Lane for any of these photos (there was actually an engagement photo shoot so I didn't want to interrupt!)


While not up now, I have seen one townhouse on Beacon Street actually use sneakers as planters around Marathon Monday to show support for the runners.  I guess there's really not much more you can do with old running sneakers!

With all the rain, most of the colors have gotten even more impressive.

75 Chestnut always has some amazing windows!

I guess the moral of this story (or blog post) is remember to look around because this city really has so much to offer beyond the bigger museums and shows.

The next time you head out and take the same walk you always do, be sure to open you eyes and see what you may have been missing!


  1. i love doing this in various neighborhoods. now I know checking out the window boxes on Beacon hill are on my list!!

  2. Love this post! It's always good to take a few extra minutes now and then to notice what's right in front of you. Those are some gorgeous window boxes. I love the purple flowers in one of them.


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