Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Fireplace in Coolidge Corner

Last Friday a couple of co-workers and I decided we had worked hard enough that morning and deserved a bit of a treat.  Since one of them actually had a coupon to Fireplace Restaurant that was set to expire the next week we decided to REALLY treat ourselves to lunch and enjoy the perfect weather.  So, off we went from Brookline Village to Coolidge Corner - really just a hop skip and a jump away.  While there is outdoor seating, we did not realize that until it was a bit too late.  In line with the name of the restaurant, there is a fireplace in the bar area and an open kitchen that creates a really warm environment that still is sleek and contemporary.

Before our lunch arrived, our server brought us fresh-out-the-oven bread that was nice and warm, and the perfect way to start off the meal.  The bread was so soft and wonderful, with just a bit of crust to sink your teeth into.  Since it's so warm, the butter melts straight away - each bite is perfect. 

The Bread
The last time we went to The Fireplace we tried to behave ourselves and got salads.  This time around we did NOT feel like being so healthy!  Two of us decided to get the Fireplace cheeseburger with maple smoked bacon and a Vermont Cheddar. At $13 this is actually one of the cheaper burgers I have had in a while, and was cooked medium rare (just the way I asked).  Overall I was pleasantly surprised with this burger - the cheese was sharp and completely melted, the bacon was a thicker cut and nicely crispy, and the accompanying fries were a perfect well done with just that bit of brownness that I really like.  

The Fireplace Burger
I really enjoyed lunch at the Fireplace.  I am really interested in checking out their dinner menu as I'm sure the place is great in the evening.  If I could time it well - a snowy evening with the fireplaces lit - it would be perfect!

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  1. I agree, the Fireplace makes one of the best burgers!

  2. We will have to meet for lunch once I start my new job!!

  3. love the fireplace! however I have never had their burger. I keep hearing great things about it.

  4. I am going to try this place out. I live in Brookline and am always searching for a good burger. I had a great one recently at Eagles Deli near BC!

    -The Mighty Rib

  5. I've been there for brunch before and it is fantastic! Great people watching too.

  6. I just went to Fireplace a few weeks ago! My boyfriend had the burger and absolutely loved it.


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