Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Darryl's Corner Bar and Kitchen and a walk through the Christian Science Center

A while ago (as in early spring) we bought a gift certificate for Darryl's Corner Bar and Kitchen, and like the Mumbai Chopstix coupon it seemed like we had forever before having to use it, but once again the expiration date was upon us and we had to get eating!  So, two weekends ago on Friday night we headed over for dinner at about 7:30 PM.  When we arrived, the bar was packed but there were a few available tables for those wanting to walk-in.  I am sure they have more than a few people dropping by because the live jazz music is really impressive and completely fills the restaurant for everyone's enjoyment.  One thing to note, though: if you get a table during peak time (Thursday through Saturday after 7:00pm) you automatically get charged $3 per person as a cover charge for the entertainment.  It's worth the extra cost, but be warned!    

We were seated straight away at a bit of an awkward table - we were sandwiched between two other two-tops and there was no way to get out on either side without disturbing separate parties to our left or right.  However, once we settled in, we ordered some drinks, sat back an enjoyed the live music.  While Nick had a beer, I was too tempted by the cocktail list and ordered the Roxbury Raz - Tito's Vodka, Raspberry liqueur, triple sec and fresh lime.  This was a great fruity drink that wasn't too sweet, with plenty of lime to cut the sugar. 

Roxbury Raz

When going into a restaurant, I try to decide ahead of time whether I am going to get an appetizer or a dessert, even though I am usually easily convinced to get both!  At Darryl's I had my eye on a chocolate cake on the dessert menu so I left the appetizers to Nick.  After a little decision making based on our dinner selection, we decided on the peach sweet chili chicken wings.  I normally am not a wing girl (I prefer tenders) but these were DELICIOUS!  The peach was not overpowering, and with the chili it added a great bold flavor.  The outsides were perfectly crispy and the inside was so tender.  We got a small order of eight wings, which was more than enough for us.

Peach Sweet Chili Chicken Wings
For the main course, I decided on the Jambalaya that came with sausage, chicken, shrimp, mussels and rice - basically, a whole bunch of goodness!  This dish is not for people who don't like spice because there is a lot of it going on in this bowl.  Lucky for me, I love a spicy dish.  Each bite was like a fun fishing expedition looking for all the good stuff in the dish.  I wish these was bit more sausage in the dish rather than chicken, but that is just me being picky. 

Nick ordered the Roasted Atlantic Haddock, which came on a bed of corn chowder with a bit of chorizo and marinated tomato.  The fish was cooked perfectly and having it sit on the corn chowder gave it that southern flair that made it special.  The chorizo and corn chowder combination was a perfect pairing!

While I had my eye on the mile high chocolate cake, I had to save it for another trip - I was just too full from all the great food!  I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food at Darryl's Corner Bar.  It was such a different type of place from the more traditional restaurants in Boston with the live Jazz music and made for a great date night. 

Since it was a nice night, Nick and I decided to walk home and opted to walk by the Christian Science Center.  The water feature there is always so impressive.  The lights just seemed to be bouncing and glittering off the surface of the water, and even though it was later in the evening all sorts of people were still out enjoying the area. 

Christian Science Center
View of the Pru
Walking through the Christian Science Center and enjoying the views really topped off a great night and made us want to explore this area of the South End/Back Bay more often. 

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  1. I used to live right by the CSS. Love the views, your photographs are gorgeous!

  2. I love walking over there. It's so pretty! Haven't been to Darryl's yet, but that is another place on my ever-growing list.


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