Friday, April 15, 2011

Saus - Belgian Food in Boston!

Another place we have been looking forward to trying was Saus, a small restaurant with traditional Belgian street food that is right in line with the more "traditional" Irish Pubs.  The reviews of Saus have been great and I was ready to dig in, so a couple of friends met up with Nick and I to indulge a bit.

Our friends K and R had been there before and were super excited to see poutine on the menu.  Poutine is very Canadian, just like K and R (!), so when they say the poutine was the best they had this side of the Canadian border, that is high praise.

For those unfamiliar with poutine, it's a dish of french fries topped with curd cheese and a special brown gravy.  The two topping are critical to poutine and not easy to come by.  I have never seen or tasted curd cheese until I met K & R, but it changed my life.  If you find yourself across the border sometime in the future, definitely buy some, it will change your cheese life.  Oh, and you know its really good curd cheese when it squeaks between your teeth!  The gravy is another topping that is not as simple as it sounds - according to K, this gravy is the closest she has tasted.  Somehow, this little Belgian restaurant is the best Boston has to offer in this amazing Canadian fare.  As you can probably tell, I love poutine, and this version is totally worth having.

I have heard a rumor that Saus is going to get a liquor license, but until that time they have some fun sodas to try like Virgil's cream soda!

While K & R split the poutine, Nick and I wanted to make sure we got our food sampling on.  To start, we ordered a funnel of fries.

Lots of fries
These were sooooo fantastic!  The texture was perfect - I like mine with a bit more crisp or crunch to them, and these were spot on.  Saus believes that plain old ketchup is not enough and instead offers a wide variety of dipping sauces.  We tried both the Bacon Parmesan and Cheddar Duvel Ale. 

Dipping Sauces
The Cheddar was delicious, however the bacon sauce was a bit too baconey - I know, its hard to believe!  The next time I go to Saus, I am looking forward to trying the truffle ketchup and the presto pesto. 

Another Belgian specialty is waffles.  When I was there, instead of sausage or hot dog stands, they have waffle carts (smart people, right!).  Again, you can order the waffles with different sauces.  While I went with Nutella, Nick had the lemon creme.

Lemon Creme Waffle
The waffles had a nice toasted outer crust and got softer once you bit in.  The Nutella and Lemon Creme added such a nice touch - just enough extra flavor to pump up the waffle experience.

Saus is the perfect place to go for a quick bite to eat and an even better place if you have been out in the area bars to satisfy those late night munchies.  Regardless of the time or the reason, I would head to Saus to indulge in some french fries that are beyond anything I have had in Boston.

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  1. Saus is the best, right?!? The two times I've visited they have been out of the cheese curd so no poutine for me. But next time for sure!!

  2. Happy I found your Blog, I've been wanting to try Saus, glad to hear it tastes as good as it sounds. One suggestion maybe use page breaks it would make it easier to scroll a page. I've been reading your stuff and I really like it (minus the NYC stuff!) j/k keep up the good work.

  3. Love it there! I really need to try the poutine.

  4. I love Saus! My favorite dip is the Samurai sauce :) I haven't tried the poutine yet though, need to go back again!

  5. It IS hard to believe that something can have too much bacon (and it's terrible that that makes me want to try it more!) -the waffles look amazing!


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