Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Commerce - Brunch in the Village

After a night out on the town, brunch on Sunday is always an important component to a complete weekend in New York.  Our friends made reservations at Commerce in the West Village, a historic space that has been thoughtfully restored.  It was a cozy little spot, and the servers were more than willing to assist with order recommendations.  We order a bread basket to share among the table, however, it proved a bit difficult to share among so many people.  Next time, I would go for the basket of donuts instead.

For meals, Nick got the Croque Madame.

Croque Madame

Everything about this dish was amazing - Nick enjoyed the whole thing!  The melted cheese topping the bread looked especially delicious.  A couple others in our group got the Israeli working man's breakfast, which was a pita topped with scrambled eggs, parsley and hummus.

Working Man's Breakfast
This meal was well received by all who ordered it - on the lighter side, but still hearty.  I ordered the baked eggs with spinach and truffle.  When I ordered it, I thought I was going to get something a bit different. 

Baked Eggs

I thought I was going to get something a bit more puffier - not sure why.  The dish was good, and the eggs well cooked, however the "egg to spinach ration" was way off.  There was A LOT of spinach.  I like spinach, but this was a whole skillet full.  I wish there had been a few more pieces of toast to top with the spinach.

Now, we didn't actually order the slow cooked eggs with creamy polenta and mushrooms below, but it was brought out by accident, so they told us to keep it and share.

Polenta Dish
I actually wish I had ordered that dish, it was great!  The polenta was creamy and the mushrooms were perfect.

Overall, everyone enjoyed their meal and left totally satisfied - visions from the night before cured!

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