Wednesday, April 20, 2011

City Table at the Lenox Hotel

In celebration of my engagement, my friends MR, AM and I headed over to City Table at the Lenox Hotel.  Both MR and AM were not sure where to go, but both somehow landed on City Table, and I was more than excited to try out a new place!  Having been to City Bar a few times I was curious to see what else the Lenox Hotel had to offer.

When we sat down we had to take quite a bit of time to review the cocktail list.  There were was such an amazing variety of options.  Sometimes I feel like a menu will be mostly gin or vodka, but not here: they had everything!  AM and I chose the to start with the Cool Hand Cuke, which had cucumber vodka, blackberries and pomagrante juice.

Cool Hand Cuke
This quickly has become my new favorite drink!  It was to die for - not too sweet, and the alcohol was not at all overpowering.  The cucumber vodka was refreshing, and then at the end you had some plump, vodka soaked blackberries to scoop out and enjoy.  If you go to City Table you MUST order this drink! 

MR ordered the Mango Mule, which had vodka, mango puree, ginger beer, and lime juice.

Mango Mule

I have been seeing it more recently, but City Table had quite a few drinks with ginger beer.  I guess it is not just for the Dark and Stormy anymore!

Round 2: AM got the French 75 martini that had beefeater gin, lemon juice, and champagne.

French 75 Martini
Once again, another great drink!  I also went the champagne route and ordered the Sparkler, which has mathilde poire, pear puree and champagne.

The pear added a fun twist to an otherwise standard drink.  The pear puree and liquor were not too overwhelming, but added just the perfect flavor to dress up the champagne cocktail.

It may seem like we spent most of the night drinking fun cocktails, but we did actually order some food as well!  While we were enjoying our first round of refreshments, we got to indulge in some warm rolls.  Having seen and had many different types of sliced bread, I have missed the more traditional roll.

Basket of Rolls
The bread was tasty and not heavy at all.  The soft butter melted right on the roll, making a perfect bite to whet our appetites.

We decided to order the Pancetta and Asparagus Pizza with ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella, basil, and roma tomato.

Flatbread Pizza
The pizza was a nice way to start things off.  The crust was well toasted throughout, even with the heavier toppings.  There was a perfect amount of the different toppings so that each bite had a fun combination of texture and flavor. 

We also shared the Duck Confit Spring Rolls with mint peanut sauce.

Spring Rolls
The duck in the spring rolls was a nice addition to the dish.  While the rolls were fried, they were not overly greasy by any means, even with the more oily duck inside. 

For dinner, since we had been indulging throughout the evening, we all stuck to the smaller items rather than going for the entree meals.  MR ordered the House Made Burrata Cheese with heirloom and cherry tomatoes, watermelon croutons, baby arugula, sea salt, crushed pistachios and a raspberry-balsamic dressing.

As you can see, there was no skimping on the cheese or the tomatoes in this salad - there was enough to make each forkful the perfect bite.

Both AM and I ordered the Sliders 3 Ways - I mean, three little sandwiches including a burger? How could I pass that up?!  The plate had a sirloin burger, Maine lobster roll and a crab cake.  While it is generally served with fries, given the rest of what we ate and my lunch that day, I went with green beans.

Sliders 3 Ways!
This was a fun dish for a main meal because you get to have so many different foods.  The sirloin slider was yummy and definitely the most traditonal of the three.  The crab cake was good, just not my favorite.  The lobster was amazing, with great big chunks of lobster there for me to enjoy!  Each slider also had the perfect garnish to complement the taste of the slider itself.

City Bar is definitely worth the trip, whether just for cocktails or a full meal.  The servers were very friendly, letting us sit for awhile on a busy Saturday night.  The menu was extensive for both the food and cocktails.  I will be making a return visit soon.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! I've been there and really enjoyed it... looks like we had the winter menu though... because we had completley different food. And I remember having an awesome champagne drink there!

  2. I just love City Table! I really want to try the Mango Mule - which looks like a classic Moscow Mule (traditionally has Ginger Beer!)but with mango. yummmmm

    Their House Made Burrata Cheese is to die! I had it except on a different kind of salad. great meal recap and what a fun celebration of your engagement!

  3. OH WOW- those sliders sound fantastic-as do the cocktails! Definitely adding this place to my list!


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