Friday, March 25, 2011


So, I cannot hold it in any longer. We tried to tell as many people as possible before they would find out through social media channels, but honestly, we've waited long enough!!

On Saturday night last weekend, Nick and I got engaged!!!!  It was a total surprise for me, and I loved every moment of it.  We were hanging out at home for the night and I was trying to finish up some cupcakes for a St. Patrick's Day party the next day. 

I am completely obsessed with my ring so I must share it with everyone!

The Ring!

This is the reason why my blog as been a little behind this week - just too many things going on with the exciting engagement news :)

We are both super excited, but really do not know anything more than that!  The great venue hunt has begun, but really, I have never had a specific place in mind so we are starting locally and going from there.  With no real date in our heads, we really can do just about anything.  So with that, I am sure this will be the first of more than few wedding oriented posts:)

We are off to NYC this weekend to just enjoy the city and see some sites - maybe hit of a sample sale or two.  But a return trip may be necessary at some point.  "Say Yes to the Dress," anyone???


  1. Congratulations!!! My engagement was very similar... completely out of the blue and I hadn't given thought to anything yet. We went to about 5 different venues and the 5th one just clicked and we walked out knowing we wanted to get married there and have our reception there. Everything will fall into place. Enjoy being engaged!! And your ring is stunning!

  2. Conrgats!! Such an exciting time for you. the ring is beautiful, so intricate and equally stunning. I will be in NYC this weekend as well. Enjoy yourselves!

  3. OH! Im just seeing this! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Gorgeous ring-I'd be obsessed as well!


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