Thursday, March 3, 2011

Harvard Gardens - Always a go-to brunch spot

After a fun-filled weekend with a bridal shower and a great dinner at Tico, we definitely needed a great Sunday brunch.  Still having a relatively big group made the choices a bit more difficult, but we ended up going to one of my favorite bunch spots: Harvard Gardens.  The food is always tasty and satisfies everyone I have every brought there.

Before we even discuss the rest of the food and the orders, I must say Harvard Gardens' home fries are out of this world.  There is a bit of the Parmesan truffle flavoring that makes this side a must.  My order is completely chosen around making sure I get these potatoes on my plate!

A couple of people in our group went with the breakfast burger, which is a burger with an egg cooked in the hollowed out center and topped with Canadian bacon and fontina cheese, all on an English muffin.

Breakfast Burger

The only issue that people had with this dish was that there was not question of how you would like your burger cooked.  So, these came out at a medium temperature, which was a little overcooked for what they like.  Otherwise, they had great things to say.

I went with a straight, traditional breakfast: two eggs over easy, sausage and home fries (of course).

American Breakfast
The eggs were cooked well and were overall just a great meal, especially when hurting a bit from the night before!

Another lady ordered the butternut squash and fontina cheese pizza.

This dish happens to be one of Nick's favorites - to the point where he orders this almost every time he goes to Harvard Gardens.  The pizza is great, none of the flavors overpower the other, and the balsamic vinegar adds just the right hint of extra bite to each mouthful.  The caramelized onions are nice and sweet and work well with all the other components.  This is a must try!

Keeping along the pizza line, someone also ordered the breakfast pizza, which had scrambled eggs, bacon, asparagus and goat cheese. 

Breakfast Pizza
This one actually did not have bacon (by request) but it was still great.  Their crust was light is fluffy.  Its something different from "normal" breakfast food with plenty left over to take home.

Finally, the last member of our party ordered the pastrami hash, which has thinly sliced pastrami sauteed with onions and peppers and topped with two poached eggs.

Pastrami Hash
They actually only had one left by the time we ordered, so while more than one of our group wanted this dish, only one person lucked out.  The dish came to the table and we did not hear a peep for the next couple of minutes because she was enjoying this dish so much.  This was a totally tasty dish that I think most people would love!

Harvard Gardens is one of my Beacon Hill go-to's for any time of day - I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

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  1. I agree - great brunch spot! I love the nutella banana french toast.

  2. I've never been there but the breakfast pizza and pastrami hash are calling my name!


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