Monday, March 14, 2011

Pinkberry in Boston!

Nick and I have had a couple of dinners in the Back Bay area, and on a few occasions have skipped dessert in favor of Pinkberry frozen yogurt.  Yes, you read that right: a few months ago, Pinkberry finally opened on the streets of Boston.

What I am about to say may be considered sacrilegious to some, but I do not love Pinkberry - I find it to be too tart tasting, and they don't seem to try and make it taste like ice cream.  However this is probably the reason it is considerably healthier for you than ice cream - a small bowl has less than 200 calories!  I will have to remember this when getting some sort of craving this summer because the Pinkberry is located right below Emack and Bolios, which is definitely not that low in calories.

On a less than warm evening, I ventured on into Pinkberry to give it a second try (literally).  When you walk in, the shop is really bright with white walls that are heavily accented with a bright green color.  While it may be freezing outside, it seems like summer inside.  The staff are warm and welcoming (almost to a fault) and for those who have never been to Pinkberry they will offer tastes of the various flavors, as well as a big explanation of what their product is all about. 

Being a fan of all things coconut, I ordered a small coconut bowl.  The coconut flavor is a lot less tart than the original flavor (read: a tiny bit more like ice cream).  There are no heavy handed bowls here as each portion is determined by weight.  So no matter who is serving you, the size is the same.

Healthy Yum

With a small bowl, you can add four toppings from a range of textures and flavors: fresh fruit and berries, milk chocolate, granola, cereal - really, almost anything.  I topped off my coconut frozen yogurt with some fresh strawberries, raspberries, coconut flakes (yes - I love coconut that much), and some milk chocolate flakes.

Nick also got a coconut bowl, but went only with some blueberries and a giant wafer cookie.

More Yum
The cookie was perfect for breaking a piece off and dipping it in the yogurt to add a bit more crunch to each bite - almost cone-like.

Pinkberry is a great way to satisfy those sweet cravings that you may have without entirely blowing a diet.  I know a lot of people REALLY think its the best.  For those who love ice cream, this is not a straight substitution.  Pinkberry is frozen yogurt, and makes no apologies for it.  This new location is a fun addition to Boston's dessert scene.

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  1. Only thing I like more than Pinkberry is Aromago (clearly I am biased though!)

  2. I still haven't been to a Pinkberry but thanks for the honest review! hoping to get there when the weather warms up!!

  3. I tried the chocolate and after tasting my fiance's original one, I would have preferred that. The chocolate is pretty mild too so you'd probably like it. I prefer the tanginess!


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