Monday, March 7, 2011

Bin 26 Enoteca - Second time is a charm

I live fairly close to Bin 26 Enoteca but never really took advantage of it.  To be honest, the first time I went there I had less then stellar service that really put a damper on the whole meal (even though it was good), so the only return trips were to the bar for some wine.  However, my mom came into town for dinner and since we generally stick to the restaurants closest to me, I wanted to take her someplace different and randomly decided upon Bin 26.  Thank goodness I gave it another shot!

Inside, the restaurant offers a nice size bar and quite a few tables for two as well as a large community table for people who may not have made reservations on a busy night.  The wine bottles are uniquely stacked in the back, forming partitions to create a nice atmosphere for parties of four.  More impressive is the cork lined walls and the wall covered in wine labels. 

Proving their decor is not all for show, Bin 26 maintains a great wine list that has topped a number big lists, including the Boston A List.  Having to choose among their list of over 200 wines can be daunting, so this is where a knowledgeable server is extremely helpful.  They had run out of the wine we initially selected but our server readily recommended another bottle of wine that was comparable in taste and price.

Lovely Pinot

This wine was really nice and smooth.  A good wine recommendation to me goes a long way, especially when they can keep to your price point, no matter what it is!

While we were enjoying our wine and waiting for our meals, we had some nice hearty bread that had a nice thick crust.  Rather than butter we enjoyed dipping the bread in a flavorful olive oil. 

The Bread
While my mom and I decided to move directly main courses, Bin 26 does offer a nice selection of cheeses, meats and other appetizers that you can fully enjoy with a glass of wine or two at the bar.

The menu offers a number of different types of fish that you do not normally find on other menus, and our server was kind enough to go through each of the different types.  My mom finally settled upon the branzino, which is an Italian sea bass.

The Branzino
The fish can be serve in full - as in with the head and bones - but as you can see from above, the kitchen will also fully fillet the fish to make it absolutely no-work eating.  The fish was tasty and well cooked, and the accompanying heriot vert were also well cooked - tender, but still a bit crispy. 

I ordered the rack of lamb that was accompanied by potatoes.
The Lamb
The rack of lamb was perfectly cooked - right around medium rare just like I asked.  The potatoes were a great addition to the lamb.  The dish was flavored with balsamic vinegar, which was well done, but for a person who loves lamb like myself, it was almost too much.  The balsamic vinegar hid the flavor of the lamb, but it was still a great dish.  Perfect for someone who needs an intro to lamb!

Bin 26 is a great location for any occiassion - a glass of wine, some appetizers or a full meal.  I'm so happy I took the second trip.

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  1. I have never been here but look forward to someday checking it out!

  2. Sounds like you had a great dinner! That bread looks fantastic!


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