Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Regina Pizzeria - A Boston Classic

When you think of Boston pizza, there are two places people immediately mention: Santarpio's and Regina Pizzeria.  Having finally made it to Santarpio's this past spring I wanted to compare it to the original Regina's (the South Station walk-up window cannot be a proper test!).  So, when Nick and I found ourselves close to the North End and in need of a quick meal , Regina's seemed like the perfect option.  While typically there is a line out the door, we were lucky to walk right in and sit.  Shortly thereafter, we got a pitcher of diet coke (living on the edge!) and tried to figure out what to order.

lots of diet coke
Inside Regina's
I have always heard that Regina's is great, but for those who are not sure, the napkins explain what exatly makes Regina's so special.

Why So Famous?!
After looking through all of the pizzas, we decided on my top choice: the Capriciosa, which is topped with sliced prosciutto, fresh mushrooms, Ricotta, Parmesan and Mozzarella, and tomato sauce.  We figured this was a good combination of unique toppings (prosciutto) and traditional (mushrooms, which are also my favorite).  Each of the pizzas served are also topped with chopped fresh basil, so when a pizza arrives at the table its an impressive presentation no matter the actual order.

This pizza was a delicious combination of crust, cheese and toppings.  The crust had a crisp outside and a fluffy, light inside.  I have always been a fan of the bubbles that form in the crust (even if they are technically bad) so I was excited when I saw a few of those on our pie.  The cheese was totally melted with a little bit of a golden color.  Hidden in the cheese was the prosciutto, and the mushrooms were nicely scattered over top.

Extreme Pizza Close-Up
I loved this pizza!  The crust was a good thickness and plenty of flavor in each bite.  The toppings were fresh and the ricotta in the mix added a great contrast in texture.

Its hard to compare Regina's and Santarpio's because I really found them to be so different!  Each is totally delicious and I think it will just depend on what type of mood you are in.

What's your favorite Boston Pizza?  Anywhere I NEED to try?

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  1. I absolutely love Santarpio's, but it's such a different style that I can see that it would be hard to compare to Regina. I haven't been to Regina in ages but I remember loving it as a kid!

  2. My favorite pizza place is Otto :) Now I am craving for a slice!

  3. My mouth is literally watering from these photos. It's been way too long since I've been to Regina's!

  4. I haven't tried Santarpio's yet, but Regina's usually holds me over til I can get home for New Haven pizza. :) I really like the pizza at Russell House Tavern too.

  5. totally craving regina's now. so good.

  6. Pizzeria Regina is my favorite pizza in Boston. (This is coming from someone who takes pizza pretty seriously.) I've been to their North End location, but I prefer to go to their Allston location because parking is easier.

    If you ever get the chance, go to one of the Frank Pepe locations in Connecticut. Frank Pepe lives up to the legend, and is totally worth the drive!


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