Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lands End by Day, AT&T Park by Night

On our first full day in San Francisco, we originally had plans to head to an early afternoon baseball game.  However, since it was a Dodgers/Giants game and the two teams were duking it out in a pennant race, the powers that be moved the game to accomodate Sunday Night Baseball, and our 1:00 game was suddenly a 5:00 gam.  That switch allowed us to take advantage of a beautiful San Francisco day.  Our guides, D and J, came up with the great idea of heading to Lands End, which is on the northwestern corner of San Francisco near the famed Cliff House.  With its rocky cliffs, lovely walking paths and amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, it seemed like a great way to start touring the city.

Original Home of the Sutro Baths
Lands End was also home to the once popular Sutro Baths.  Opened in 1896, the baths were an indoor swimming area with both fresh and salt water pools that filled the small inlet above.  The building was made of glass, iron and concrete, which proved too difficult to maintain in the salty, windy Bay Area.  The Baths eventually closed in 1966.  Hard to believe such a building was set over the inlet!

Picture of the Sutro Bath
The Beaches
In front of the former baths
Inside a cave!
The cave to the baths
Starting our walk...
A look back at the Cliff House and the inlet of Sutro Baths
First Views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island
At Lands End
A look down the rocky cliff below
More Views of the Bridge!
Along the walk there is a labyrinth, complete with its own local lore that you can only stumble upon it - if you look too hard, you definitely won't find it!  Since we had some great local guides, we found the labyrinth and Nick worked his way through and made it to the end without cheating!

He Made It!
More gorgeous views from Lands End
As we wrapped up our hike, we decided it was time to take a break and catch some of the opening week of football.  Killing two birds with one stone, we found what ended up being a Boston bar on Haight Street and then continued to the famous Haight-Ashbury intersection that was the center of the action in the 1960's.

Haight Ashbury
From there, we went back home and relaxed for about a half hour before heading back out towards AT&T Park to catch a game.  Along the way we stopped in at the 21st Amendment Brewery for a beer (loads cheaper than the park!).

At the Park!
Having only been to Fenway and Wrigley, the two oldest parks in the major leagues, AT&T was a treat!  First off, everything is so new, and the park is built in such a way that the Bay views are front and center.  The entire grandstand is set up behind home plate - such a different view that I am used to.  The Giants were playing the Dodgers (who have just happened to be the new proud owners of 4 Red Sox players!).  Of course we routed for the home team and they won!

The Park
Where the home runs go!
Enjoying the Game
More Views
A Look at Oakland 
Enjoying the most amazing chili dog!
The Park
Dusk Setting In...
Nighttime Views
It was a busy but totally enjoyable day in San Francisco!  Lands End was a great walk with beautiful views of the coast and the Golden Gate Bridge, which were not viewable on our second full day touring Alcatraz.  The game was so much fun, and as much as I LOVE Fenway Park, this new stadium had so much to offer and was so comfortable that it might be hard to go back to the home stadium!


  1. Your photos are simply amazing! We love Lands End and the Cliff House. We stop at a beach near there every time we are heading back to SFO for the red eye.

  2. I kept looking for a picture of Choate! Won't tell him you were rooting for San Fran! Love the pics and comments! Another amazing adebture for you and Nick!

    1. Oh I have some! Will post to FB later (so many photos to choose from)!

  3. Great pics!! We went to SF in 2010 and loved it. This post makes me want to go back.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I will seriously be looking back at all your San Francisco posts when it comes time for us to plan our trip there. :)

  5. This looks like an unbelievably fun time.

  6. I love that you can see the water from the ballpark. Gorgeous! Sounds like you guys had a fun trip!

  7. Sounds like you guys had an incredible trip!! As many times as I've been to SF, I usually stay in the city. I need to get my brother to take me out to Lands End next time!


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